Youibot won the battle to defend the blue sky! Youibot pioneered a complete solution for dust removal of new energy buses

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On May 13, 2021, after two months of trial operation, Youibot Joins Hands with Beijing Public Transport Group to Initiate Automatic Dust Removal Workshop was officially accepted and put into production.

In the automatically upgraded dust removal workshop, the license plate of the maintenance vehicle is automatically identified and referenced to the relevant vehicle type database. The vehicle positioning and guidance system assists the vehicle to stop quickly and accurately. Three custom-developed mobile dust removal robots move to the target door. The mechanical arm guides the dust-blowing mechanism to accurately cover the dust removal area of the target door with the cooperation of the lifting mechanism.



Workshop enables the dust to be collected by rapid settlement, which improves the production rhythm and avoids the influence of smoke and dust from open-air operation on the surrounding environment.

Specially developed operating system realizes the remote control of the whole process, the dust removal process does not require manual intervention, realizes the effective isolation of personnel and dust, maximizes the protection of employees' health, and effectively avoids the occurrence of occupational diseases.


Three Difficulties in Dust Removal of New Energy Buses

environmental protection

open-air operations have a serious impact on the environment and face the risk of residents' complaints and environmental inspection.

labor protection

smoke and dust are extremely harmful to the respiratory health of employees.

dust removal quality

Limited by blowing dust, wind power and movement, the general compressed air blowing dust is difficult to clean deep and narrow spaces, and the secondary pollution of most dust falling back is difficult to avoid. The oil and water in the compressed air actually cause the adhesion of dust, and towel wiping is only superficial.


Youibot Joins Hands with Beijing Public Transport to Create New Energy Bus Dust Removal Solution


As early as 2018, the founding team of YOUIBOT launched in Shenzhen out of sensitivity to the pain points of the industry and passion for entrepreneurship, combined with its own profound technology accumulation in the field of mobile robots. the world's first new energy bus dust removal robot, let us see the possibility of using advanced robot technology to solve the difficult problems of traditional maintenance technology.


In order to solve the industry problems faced by the electric cabin dust removal of electric buses, Beijing Public Transport formally established a project for "electric bus dust removal" in 2019. Through public bidding, the world's largest public transport company and a young robot company from Shenzhen decided to join hands to attack this industry problem.


Thanks to the support of Beijing public transport warranty units and technical departments, Youibot has a deeper understanding of the technical requirements and management requirements of the subject of "dust removal in the electrical cabin of new energy buses". More inspiration and solutions are born through in-depth research and collision in the production line.


Youibot's "Dust Removal Solution for Electrical Cabins of New Energy Buses" aims to set up different maintenance levels, different maintenance scales, and different maintenance efficiency of buses. At present, a personalized solution for single equipment (dust removal robot), a combined dust removal room and a full-automatic dust removal workshop has been formed.


A brief description is as follows. For more details, please contact Youibot technicians.


Solution 1: dust removal robot (all-in-one machine)

For the low-income workshop/small and medium-sized motorcade (less than 200 cars), a single-person mobile dust removal robot blows dust on multiple doors of the bus one by one in the field. The dust removal process does not require manual intervention to achieve the goal of no dust and labor protection.



Scheme 2: Combined Dust Removal Room

For the high-tech workshop (about 200-1000 vehicles), three relatively independent devices are combined to form a sealed space at the rear of the vehicle. The three devices are linked to automatically blow dust. The dust is collected by the internal filtration system, requiring a relatively fixed site and no separate factory building.


Scheme 3: Fully Automatic Dust Removal Workshop

For the main factory area with more than 1000 vehicles, a special closed factory room needs to be built by the full-automatic dust removal workshop. The vehicles are parked in the designated area under the guidance of the vehicle positioning auxiliary system. Three mobile robots automatically blow dust to all the cabin doors according to the paths of different vehicles. The dust is accelerated and settled through the air pressure/dust collection system, and the whole process is automatically controlled without manual intervention.



three proposals are summarized as follows:




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