Robot ARISseries


ARIS Series to realize whole-process visualization, unmanned operation, and intelligent inspection.


Maximum payload


Maximum Speed


Maximum rotation speed


Vertical Obstacle-climbing Ability


Ditch-crossing ability

Dimensions:580*500*1200mmm Turning diamete :1260mm Shell material: Cold-rolled steel Weight:50KG Slope-climbing ability:5°
Ambient temperature 5°C-40°C Navigation Mode Intergrated laser navigation Safety Lidar located on the Front of the Robot
Ambient humidity Relative humidity5 % -90 %( No condensation ) Path Planning Vritual tracking/ Indepentent planning Emergency Stop Button 2 on both sides of  the Robot
Operating environment Indoor only, no dust and corrosive gases Positioning Accuracy

Positioning accuracy:±5mm,

Angle accuracy:±2°

Collision Detection 360° around the Robot
IP classification  IP20 Charging Mode Automatic/ Manual/ Quick charging Status Indicatiors 3 around the Robot
Cleanliness class  CLASS100 Battery Capacity 0.75kwh Start button 1 on the back of the Robot
Coefficient of slip resistance ≥0.5 Working Time 6H Wireless Network IEEE 802.11
Ground condition Dry , level ground without oil and dirt Charging time ≤2.5H Controll Mode Unattended
Minimum around flatness FF25(*ACI117 standard) Battery lifetime Charge Cycle life≥2000 times Disinfection Mode UV Disinfection
Wireless Signal Receiver

Secure Encryption, Low Latency, and

High Bandwidth for Image Trans

Power Output 12V 5A / 24V 5A Remote Interaction Voice Intercom, Remote Control
Industrial  PC Industrial Control Computing System Camera

Optional/Body Temperature Thermal

Imager or Visible Light Camera

Smart System Scheduling System
Guide Gyroscope

Complicated Road Assisted

Inertial Navigation

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