Robot Corgi


Corgi is an industrial-level laser/QR code navigation light indoor mobile robot that supports a maximum load of 100kg. The laser repeat positioning accuracy can reach ± 5mm. It is designed to optimize internal transportation in narrow and crowded industrial environment. It is small and flexible and easily passes through 660mm wide path, and capable of integrating with more than ten different top modules to apply to factory manufacturing, in-house logistics and security inspection.


Maximum payload


Maximum Speed


Maximum rotation speed


Vertical Obstacle-climbing Ability


Ditch-crossing ability

Dimensions: 800*619*330mm Turning diamete :940mm Shell material: Cold-rolled steel Weight:200KG Slope-climbing ability:4°
Ambient temperature 5°C-40°C Drive wheel material Polyurethane Emergency stop button 2 on the both sides of the robot
Ambient humidity Relative humidity5 % -90 %( No condensation ) Drive wheel dimensions Diameter 150mm Collision detection Located 360° around the robot;
Operating environment No dust and no flammable , explosiveand corrosive gases Cell material Lithium iron phosphate Voice alarm Optin
IP classification  IP20 Battery voltage 48V 48V Status indicatiors 3 around the robot
Cleanliness class  CLASS100 Battery capacity 30AH Start button 1 on the front of the robot
Coefficient of slip resistance ≥0.5 Running time 8H Reset button 1 on the side of the robot
Ground condition Dry , level ground without oil and dirt Charging time ≤1.5H / Manual / Auto switch button 1 on the side of the robot
Minimum around flatness FF25(*ACI117 standard) Battery lifetime Cycle life≥2000 times Manual charging interface 1 on the interface panel of robot
Navigation mode Intergrated laser navigation Charging mode Automatic / Manual / Quick charging Wireless network IEEE 802.11 A/C
Path planning Vritual tracking / Indepentent planning External power supply 48V Ethernet port 2 on the interface panel of robot
Positioning accuracy Positioning accuracy :±5mm,Angle accuracy:±1° Lidar 1 lidar is located on the front of the robot USB 1 on the interface panel of robot

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