Pandemic Prevention Solution

Pandemic Prevention Solution

The industry's first "White and Black" Model
Accurate group temperature measurement during the day
UV disinfection at night


Group temperature measurement efficiency is low.

In areas of large flow of people, manual temperature measurement cannot meet the passage efficiency.

Manual disinfection is not sufficient.

Manual disinfection cannot ensure the disinfection time within the unit range. There are somewhere cannot be disinfected.

Data collection is difficult.

Visitors' body temperature and disinfection work need to be registered one by one and recorded separately, and the epidemic prevention information cannot be summarized in time, and the traceability is poor.


Automatic Disfection Robot

3 Software Systems

First core function: Temperature Measurement for Groups

With the help of infrared thermal imager, visible light assisted imaging and intelligent image capture, ARIS-K2 can effectively identify the temperature of the human body temperature distribution range, especially suitable for group and individual body temperature screening in crowded scenes. With AI algorithms, automatic pandemic prevention robot can identify and track portraits. Pandemic prevention robot locates each human face on the camera screen accurately, and then calculates the temperature of the face (forehead) by combined with the infrared temperature lattice. Pandemic prevention robot can accurately locate the forehead position and quickly determine the body temperature under the premise that the crowd wears masks and glasses.

Second core function: UV Disinfection

Automatic disinfection robot uses short-wave UVC ultraviolet rays which destroy the DNA and RNA of the germs within a few minutes and make them dead. The automatic disinfection robot achieves the sterilization effect. After testing, the spores on the environmental surface (smooth surface, rough porous surface) and various multi-drug resistant bacteria can completely achieve the 99.99% disinfection effect in the high-level disinfection mode.

Third core function: Data Synchronization

The INS system developed by YOUIBOT can monitor the working status of robots in real time whether it is the temperature measurement task during the day or the disinfection task at night, or the error report. This pandemic prevention robotic system can generate a complete log in time, which provides data support for the subsequent analysis. It also supports the multi-robot collaborative dispatching function with up to 100 robots working and avoids collision and congestion when multiple pandemic prevention robots working at the same time greatly.


There are various ways of spreading bacteria and viruses. Compared with traditional chemical disinfection methods, UV disinfection has obvious advantages such as low cost, high efficiency, stable effect, no residue after disinfection, and no change of environmental PH scale. Anti-epidemic personnel stand on the front line of epidemic prevention and are often the group with the highest infection rate. In 2020, there are millions of epidemic prevention personnel infected by COVID-19 around the world. Automatic robots are used instead of humans for public epidemic prevention and temperature measurement to avoid close contact with potential patients. Pandemic prevention robot can be very effective in protecting our epidemic prevention workers.

Fever Threshold

New Transmission Route

pandemic prevention robot


Third People's Hospital of Hubei Province

Pandemic prevention robot automatically cruises on duty at the main entrance and exit of the hospital. Once a person with abnormal body temperature is found, the doctor is immediately prompted to further observe and diagnose. While measuring the body temperature of the population efficiently and accurately, the risk of virus transmission in the hospital is reduced.

At the same time, at night when there are few personnel activities, the robot will automatically implement comprehensive ultraviolet elimination in outpatient, emergency and infection isolation areas of the hospital according to the planned route, so as to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the working environment of medical staff and effectively isolate the spread of the virus on the premise of avoiding personnel contact.

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automatic pandemic prevention robot
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