After-sales Service

Service Center- After Sales

As an experienced industrial robot manufacturer, Youibot offers a comprehensive after-sales service for AMR material handling robots as well as other AMR products and systems, including 24/7 multi-language support, remote technical support and a global service network.

We provide expert robotics repair and maintenance, on-site services, and robot collaborative solutions. Additionally, we offer professional training, preventive maintenance, and system upgrades to ensure optimal performance and minimize disruptions.

After-sales Service


Multilingual support by professional staff 24H*7 online. Fast response to robot maintenance and more requests.

Remote Tech Support

Quickly pinpoint the cause of the AMR mobile robot breakdown remotely and provide solutions to minimize system disruptions.

Global Service Network

Partners in 60+ countries to empower on-site customer service and provide professional technical services to your autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and mobile robotic systems.

On-site Services

The engineers from Youibot offer on-site services to promptly and effectively address any automatic mobile robot issues.

Solutions Enablement

As a leading AMR robot company,we provide professional robotic automation solution planning capabilities to empower 3C,semiconductor,auto parts and other industries to drive key projects to fruition.


Training and Certification

Complete multi-lingual training system and abundant training courses for efficient knowledge transfer.

Preventive Maintenance

Tailor-made preventive system and robot maintenance plan. Ensure high performance and reliability of hardware.

System Maintenance and Upgrade

Routine system maintenance and upgrade to reduce system risk and improve performance. 

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