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Youibot Robotics, a global leading industrial mobile robot solution provider.

Data Center Inspection Robot - ARIS-IDC 2.0

Platform series - builds the intelligent bases of many types of robots.

L1000 perfectly completes the transportation tasks of the manufacturing process in various scenarios

L1000, the most powerful AMR with max lifting capacity of 1000kg.

L300, the flexible AMR for narrow places with up to 300 kg payload.

Youibot Smart Mobile Robot Solution for Semiconductor Industry

The Advanced AMRs of Youibot Made a Big Noise at LogiMat!

The world's leading manufacturer of automotive interiors has transformed into smart factory

AT Serises-solution of assistant picking scenario for ecommerce picking or 3PL supply chain picking

Excellent industrial logistics solution for semiconductor industry

Summit Moment --- Youibot inspection robot ARIS 8848 Everest Mission Complete


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