YOUITMS On-site Robotic Logistics System

System Introduction

YOUITMS system aims to solve the practical problems in smart logistics. It is specially designed for the controlling massive robots in industrial logistics. It forms an intermediate bridge connecting the logistics information among discrete MES systems, on-site MES systems and WMS systems in the field, using the simplest system connecting methods to achieve truly intelligent logistics control.

An on-site robot logistics management system specially designed for industrial production, providing enterprise-level multi-workshop smart logistics services.

Workshop Management

Enterprise multi-workshop management, including regional management, work site group and site management.

User Management

User management, user information,user permissions, robot association, task binding.

Warehouse Management

Adapt to enterprise independent warehouses, workshop line-side warehouses, transit warehouse.warehouse storage area, storage location group, storage location management.

Operation Page

Operation Page and dispatching desk, data visualization, display variouswork status and business indicatorsin the workshop.

Material Management

Transfer materials and carrying Unit management, logistics tracking, material query and data statistics.

Work Management

Orders, waybills, robot delivery orders and inventory management, support custom order templates, and quickly orders.

System Management

System function configuration, log review, version update.

Robot Management

Robot connection, model management andtask configuration,real-time robotstatus monitoring.

TMS Order Management

TMS Operation Page

Factory Logistics Solutions Framework 

User Interaction 

PC / Tablet / Mobile




System Integration 



Facility Integration 

IoT Controllers: Gate / Elevator / Conveyer


Environmental Awareness 

Sensors for monitoring and identification



Logistic Management System

Order Mgmt.
Location Mgmt.
Waybill Mgmt.
Transportation Mgmt. Waybill Mgmt.


Robot Collaborative System

Task Mgmt.
Vehicle Mgmt.
Path Planning Vehicle Scheduling
Traffic Controlling


Robot Integrated Form


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