Robot YOUIFleet


YOUIFleet Multi-machine scheduling
collaboration system





YOUIFleetsystem manages multiple robots to communicate with each other and assign the tasks. It also enables to connect to different level business systems.YOUIFLEET assigns the tasks to mobile robots ,optimize path planning and manages the traffic control at the same time based on working status of all onsite robots after it deals with the task command business system issues.

YOUIFleetquickly helps user to handle robot configuration,map recording and editing,task editing,task configuration and execution so that the user can complete robot deployment and scheduling.

System Advantage

1. It supports various of navigation methods including laser navigation with reflector,laser navigation without reflector and QR code navigation ,etc

2.It supports mixed path planning for multiple navigation methods

3. Traffic control for dynamic areas

4. Multiple types robot and cross-scenario hybrid scheduling

5. Perfect API integration business system,dynamic task assignment

6.It supports task execution and data collection of top module of mobile robot

7. It supports distributed deployment and extension to schedule more robot

JEE based WEB architecture

MYSQL based data storage

Work procedure based scheduling system

Socket/HTTP based real communication

Standard Restful API

It is able to integrate with logistic and inspection business system

Perfect MES/WMS/OMS integration interface

It supports PLC/IOT controller

Modular sensor and top module adaption

Multi-robot collaborative management and control system specially designed for robot mobile
operation. It provides a variety of control components for easy integrate mobile task integration.

Multi-sensor Access

Covering sound and light environment perception.

Device Connection

Meet the connection of multiple robots.

Industrial/Collaborative Robotic Arm

Multiple work forms.

Map Management

Transfer materials and carrying unit management, logistics tracking, material query and data statistics.

Cross-platform Operation

Online visual editing, map and routes drawing, and tasks assigning, easy to deploy and maintain.

Multi-robot Scheduling

A single map supports up to 100 or more robot scheduling.

Component Control

Collaborative/industrial robotic arm control, 2D/3D visual positioning, transfer, lifting, fork, picking and handling, etc.

Component Control

Hybrid navigation based on laser SLAM, compatible with natural navigation, Laser reflector, two-dimensional code visual multi-map hybrid navigation and cross-floor scheduling

Fleet Task Scheduling Management


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