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YOUIFleet Multi-Robot Scheduling
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YOUIFleet robot fleet management system from Youibot manages multiple AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) to communicate with each other and assign tasks. The AMR fleet management system also enables connection to different-level business systems. YOUIFLEET assigns tasks to mobile robots, optimizes path planning, and manages traffic control at the same time based on the working status of all onsite robots after it deals with the task command business system issues.

YOUIFleet quickly helps the user to handle robot configuration,map recording and editing,task editing,task configuration and execution so that the user can complete robot deployment and scheduling. This mobile robot system is a powerful guarantee for an intelligent logistics solution.

System Advantage

1.Robot fleet management YOUIFleet is able to dynamically and accurately assign tasks to ensure that every robot is able to complete its tasks efficiently, which is an efficient task assignment software.

2.YOUIFleet has developed a special scheduling algorithm for narrow-aisle scenarios, scheduling multiple robots without interfering with each other's trajectories.

3.YOUIFleet Intelligently predicts the probability of congestion for multiple robots in various complex scenarios, and dynamically replans the path to avoid congestion.

4.YOUIFleet automatically marks the locations of disconnected robots, faulty robots, static obstacles, and construction sections.

5.YouiFleet supports cross-floor collaborative handling of different forms of mobile robots.

6.YouiFleet is interconnected with other production equipment, as well as with enterprise MES, WMS, ERP and other systems, through data interaction to break the "information silos" across the factory.

7.YOUIFleet intelligently recognizes conflicts between multiple robots, identifies the robot that minimizes the cost of avoidance.

JEE based WEB architecture

MYSQL based data storage

Work procedure based scheduling system

Socket/HTTP based real communication

Standard Restful API

It is able to integrate with logistic and inspection business system

Perfect MES/WMS/OMS integration interface

It supports PLC/IOT controller

Modular sensor and top module adaption

Fleet Task Scheduling Management



Efficiency Maximized


Optimal Paths, High-Efficiency Operations, Narrow Passageways


YOUIFleet optimizes paths and traffic control to dynamically track the real-time positions and movements of robots, maintaining globally optimal paths and dynamically replanning routes to avoid congestion. This maximizes overall robot movement efficiency, significantly boosting transportation efficiency.

YOUIFleet's advanced workflow engine automates on-site operations with simple configuration, precisely allocating tasks to ensure each robot completes its tasks efficiently.

For narrow passages, YOUIFleet uses specialized scheduling algorithms and intelligent traffic control to manage multiple robots' paths, ensuring they do not interfere with each other.



Site-wide Scheduling


Multi-Robot Types, Cross-Floor Coordination, Data Intercommunication


YOUIFleet features a robust task processing framework that, with simple configuration, can schedule multiple types of mobile robots to collaboratively complete complex tasks.

Supporting cross-floor collaboration and transportation with various mobile robots, YOUIFleet elevates intelligent scheduling from a two-dimensional plane to three-dimensional coordination, meeting the logistics needs of smart factories.

It integrates with other production equipment and enterprise systems like MES, WMS, and ERP, breaking down "information silos" and achieving seamless data intercommunication across all stages from design and development to production, manufacturing, sales, and services.



Convenient Deployment and Maintenance


Smart Interface, Real-Time Monitoring, Quick Response


YOUIFleet offers real-time monitoring of robots, equipment, and tasks, providing comprehensive maintenance data and reports. Operational status, equipment faults, and task execution details are all clear at a glance, allowing for timely measures to ensure smooth production line operation.

The intelligent interface design enables users to manage most daily tasks without switching pages. This simple and intuitive interface allows easy management of robots, equipment, and tasks, improving work efficiency.


As a renowned automation solutions provider, Youibot utilizes automation and robotics for manufacturing upgrades. YOUIFleet has transformed the robot fleet management with seamless task assignment and optimized path planning for our AMRs. Its dynamic scheduling and intelligent congestion prediction ensure our robots operate efficiently, even in narrow-aisle scenarios. The system's robust integration with business systems and real-time traffic control enhance our logistics and inspection processes. YOUIFleet is an indispensable tool for any business seeking advanced and reliable automation solutions.







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