The most powerful AMR with lifting function of 1000kg payload

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The small and flexible AMR specially designed for narrow and crowded environment

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The mobile operation robot specially designed for Foup transfer

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The inspection robot designed for mobile monitoring, environmental monitoring, and asset inventory in data center

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The picking robot designed for goods handling, sorting, and picking in e-commerce warehouse

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Versatile solution with general-purpose interfaces supports over 10 kinds of top modules 

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One-stop In-house Logistics Robotics Solutions in Factories

cross-region, cross-floor, cross-equipment, cross-process section


Automating logistics operations with lifting function of 1000kg payload


Easily handling with transportation tasks of manufacturing process and warehouse logistics.

Mobile manipulator

Load and unload materials among production lines

Company Profile

Youibot is the innovative high-tech company with core algorithms for mobile robots and a lot of experience in unmanned transformation of business scenarios. Based on AGVs (mobile robots), Youibot Robotics is committed to providing intelligent manufacturing, intelligent inspection and maintenance covering the entire industry, comprehensive products and solutions.

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Customer Case

AMR solutions in Auto Parts Factory

The mobile robots and logistics management system successfully deployed to improve digitalization and efficiency in production line.

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AMR solutions in Electronics Manufacturer Factory

Robots easily dock with various equipments and adapt to a varity of material handling, shortenin the downtime cased by environment change.

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Inspection robot in Data center

IDC Inspection robots Deployed in data center to complete the on-site inspection of complex tasks, and improve the intelligent level of inspection management.

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AMR solutions in Semiconductor Factory

The robots are scheduled to complete material load/unload in semiconductor manufacturing workshops, improve the production efficiency by 33%.

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