Automotive Industry Solution

Automotive Industry Solution

Robotic solutions for automotive industry can open up the information flow of material circulation, storage and online links, comprehensively monitor material circulation information, and realize the improvement of quality and lean production.


Small Batch and Wide Varieties of Parts

The demand for customized automotive parts is on the rise,and the traditional manufacturing model fails to adapt to the flexible changes.

Compact Takt Time

Frequent turnover of each process.The downtime of one workstation can cause the shutdown of the whole production line and even downstream customer factories

Difficulty in Material Picking and Sorting

Since there are many kinds of assembly materials, the uniqueness of assembled materials leads to huge labor costs in the process of material entry and exit

Low Logistics Efficiency

Traditional handling requires a large amount of labor, with low efficiency and potential safety hazards. And the pile-up of materials leads to low space utilization.

Solution And Key Benefits

By adopting mobile robots with lifting module, forklift robots, three-dimentional shelves, and a roller convenyor line system, this automotive industry robotic solution enables automatic material handling, three-dimensional storage, fast in/out storage, and efficient assembly line operation during the whole process

Intelligent Logistics Management System

Intelligent Scheduling System

Case Study

Project of a Leading Automotive Interior Trim Factory

Project Overview

This is a cable assemblies and wire harness factory of a leading global automotive interior trim manufacturer. It assembles 60 sets of automotive interior trims per hour at peak times. To cope with the huge and complex picking tasks and to improve

efficiency and accuracy, the factory introduced a highly intelligent and flexible mobile robot system.


It introduces 3 mobile robots with lifting module, 5 storage robots and 3 material box handling robots. Together with the YOUIFleet scheduling system and YOUITMS logistics management system integrating with third-party WMS and MES, this

solution enables automatic handling, storage, and assembly line operation of materials, so as to create a smart logistics system from warehouse to production line.

Key Benefits

Lower manual work intensity
Reduce ineffective walking of operators

Significant improvement in operating efficiency and accuracy: the production efficiency rises from 20JPH to 60JPH and the accuracy rate of assembly line operation is up to 100%.

Information interoperability: intelligent O&M, real-time feedback.

100% larger storage capacity for the same area.

Logistics Project of a Leading Automotive Transmission Factory

Project Overview

The company is a global leader in the manufacture of automotive transmissions. With our technical support, it automates the transportation, transfer, temporary storage, empty apparatus return processes of the materials on the production lines of the

synchronizer machine processing part according to the actual needs of production,which ensures a timely, accurate, reliable, and safe logistics process.


The plant is committed to becoming a typical example of intelligent factory transformation. In order to enable the smooth flow of logistics information on inventory between upstream and downstream, including 16 production lines of synchronizer

products and their related upstream and downstream transfer processes, six customized robots, together with YOUITMS and YOUIFleet systems, are put into use in this project. This can help realize the intelligent management of parts in and out of

the warehouse, handling between production lines, and docking with automatic production lines.

Key Benefits

Adaptable to compact workstations: high-speed handling between production lines.

Goods are transferred from the warehouse to the workbench in specied purchase order sequence

Digital storage management and automatic inbound and outbound storage by order.

Operating eciency is improved and the entire logistics process of gear hubs in units 4 and 5 is automated.


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