Display Panel Industry Solution

Display Panel Industry Solution

Through the mobile robot system, the production line, cache line and warehouse workshop materials are accurately and efficiently managed, realize unmanned material handling, production automation and inventory informatization.


Strict requirements for the workshop environment

The wire processing process requires a dustproof level of class 100 or higher.

Product Vulnerability

he products are are vulnerable to damage during transportation. Therefore, the equipment needs to meet the requirements of stable and safe operation, anti-static ability, etc.

Compact takt time and huge costs incurred by line stoppage due to untimely transportation


Information Silos

The process is complex, and the workshop logistics information is difficult to trace and utilize.

Solution And Key Benefits

The project introduces roller-type robots and forklift robots and uses YOUIFLeet and YOUITMS systems integrating with the customer’s third-party business system to achieve the separation of people and goods in the whole process. It supports real-time feedback of various logistics data based on takt time, automates material handling in production lines, line-side storage spaces, and storage bins, and makes the logistics data of production workshops interconnected.

Intelligent Logistics Management System

Intelligent Scheduling System

Case Study


Project of a Leading LCD Company in China

Project Overview

This company is a leading LCD manufacturer in China. Its dust-free workshops for module production with an area of 20,000㎡ has the following problems: poor efficiency of traditional operation methods, high labor intensity, and low utilization of

warehouses. In addition, the products are vulnerable to damage, so the maximum vibration value cannot exceed 0.3G,and workshop requires class 100 cleanliness.


The factory has put into use several handling robots with conveyor system, which together with YOUIFleet and YOUITIMS systems independently developed by YOUIBOT, can help realize accurate and efficient management of materials in

production lines, line-side storage spaces, and warehouses. These robots support multi-floor automatic handling and can automatically dock with lifters and air shower rooms to meet the corresponding requirements for the cleanliness of workshop

and warehouse.

Key Benefits

Safe and efficient transportation.
The vibration value is less than 0.3G Meet the requirements for stability, safety, low vibration, anti-static ability, and high docking precision.

Higher efficiency to meet the takt time requirements.

Improve the informatization
The logistics information can be traced during the whole process to facilitate efficient information management and analysis.


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