Electronic Semiconductor Industry Solution

Electronic Semiconductor Industry Solution

The robotic solution carries out intelligent operation and control on the loading, unloading and transportation of materials in the semiconductor production workshop. Automation & robotics for semiconductors realize intelligent and flexible production in the workshop.


Strict requirements for the workshop environment

The workshop environment must meet the strict requirements of dustfree,anti-static ability as well as vibration standard.

Low Manual Eciency and Error-Prone

The manual operation has the following problems: high vibration, contamination, discontinuous operation and low accuracy.

Information Silo

Information silos arise as a result of the discrete manufacturing process, complex technological process, and non-data sharing.

Solution And Key Benefits

Through the autonomous mobile robot, together with YOUITMS intelligent logistics management system and YOUIFleet intelligent scheduling system, the material flow and information flow between different processes can be connected. Therefore, this automation & robotics for semiconductors solution enables automatic transfer or automatic loading and unloading of materials in each workshop and manufacturing equipment, and solves the problems of low efficiency and low product yield rate incurred by manual operation.

Intelligent Logistics Management System

Intelligent Scheduling System

Case Study

Intelligent Logistics Project of a Leading Discrete Device Company in China

Project Overview

The company is a leading discrete device manufacturer in China. YOUIBOT helped the company to upgrade its Semiconductor Manufacturing Workshops, including the automatic loading and unloading as well as material transfer of the

manufacturing equipment at three major processes in workshops.


The material transfer system consists of YOUITMS (logistics management system), YOUIFleet (multi-robot scheduling system), and seven mobile robots. The YOUITMS system integrates with the customer's business system to obtain

production orders for scheduling and send the consolidated orders to the YOUIFleet system. Then the mobile robots are managed to complete the material transfer and automatic loading and unloading tasks.

Key Benefits

Labor cost saving of 20 employees

Information transparency improvement and manufacturing equipment error rate reduction

Increased production efficiency by 33%
precise and efficient material loading and unloading

Intelligent Logistics Project of a World’s Leading Semiconductor 8-inch Fab

Project Overview

The mobile robots are deployed in the world's leading semiconductor 8-inch fab. This newly built factory is in the process of production capacity expansion. To solve the huge and complex daily tasks of SMIF Pod loading and unloading, YOUIBOT

foup handling robots are introduced to achieve flexible and intelligent production.


With foup handling robots and the YOUIFleet and YOUITMS systems, the factory can achieve flexible transportation and unmanned automatic loading and unloading of materials between electronic racks, manufacturing equipment, and

warehouse. The YOUITMS logistics management system directly interfaces with the equipment control system, enabling visualization of workshop production and operation control in the production process.

Key Benefits

Reduce manual work
automatic loading and unloading

Digital intelligent management with real-time feedback of production data

Reduce ineffective walking by 30%

Increase electronic rack utilization by 60%


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