Warehouse Inventory Solution

Warehouse Inventory Solution

Efficient inventory in thousands of square meters of warehouses & 15-meter high shelves.
Obtain, filter and check cargo information quickly and accurately.
Support software issues tasks remotely, real-time feedback of inventory information, and automatic generation of inventory reports.



The warehouse inventory process cycle is long, the error rate is high and there are even hidden dangers to personnel safety.


The warehouse area is large, the shelf height is high, the overall quantity of goods is large and the inventory task is heavy.


The inventory of goods is not timely. The storage status of the warehouse cannot be obtained in time. The management is relatively chaotic, the inventory process is standardized and the degree of informatization is low. There is a lack of digital and automated process management.


Autonomous Warehouse Inventory Robot

3 Software Systems

First core function: Mobile inventory

The warehouse inventory robot integrates barcode scanning, vacancy recognition, machine vision and other technologies. It is combined with the mobile robot platform of Youibot which can automatically read cargo information with an accuracy rate of more than 99%. Users can send the inventory task by IMS system. The warehouse inventory robot can accurately scan the warehouse according to the task content. The cargo information in the warehouse can be simultaneously entered into IMS system of the robot cloud. The warehouse mobile robot can quickly and accurately scan the goods information, and record the scanning results and the storage status of the warehouse after reviewing and filtering the data. After the task is completed, the warehouse  inventory robot automatically generates an inventory report, and the real-time storage information is accurate and clear at a glance.

Second core function: Digital Management

The inventory management system (IMS)supports one-click remote task assignment, automatic inventory, efficient and accurate, and real-time update of inventory records and warehouse status, so as to centralize data information, realize real-time warehouse information, and visualize data traceability.

Third core function: Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

The mobile robot base is equipped with an autonomous obstacle avoidance system. Meanwhile, its lifting rod is equipped with a vertical obstacle avoidance system. When autonomous inventory robot runs into an obstacle, the robot can avoid obstacles with dual radars at the front and rear, decelerate and pause the task in time. When the lifting rod and scanning module run into obstacles, theinventory management robots can avoid obstacles in a timely manner within a height range of 15 meters. In two obstacle avoidance modes, the warehouse mobile robot can feedback obstacle information, adjust the inventory route automatically and continue to complete the remaining inventory tasks according to the position and size of obstacles. It can ensure automatic inventory management operation efficiently.




More Efficient

Rapid Deployment


Autonomous inventory robot has been initially deployed in a domesticin large warehouses, with intelligent, automated, and digitalis the goal of cloud deployment, cargo location identification, and database. Accurate bit segmentation, saturation recognition, and database information. The functions of filtering and automatically generating task reports are integrated, the information of large warehouses is digitized and the process is intelligent., inventory efficiency, management integration and other purposes.

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