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Things You Need To Know Before Selecting the Right AMRs

Mobile robots have been widely used in many fields. However, it’s important to carefully choose the right AMR. This post will explore things you need to know before choosing an autonomous mobile robot for your facility.

An Introduction to the Communication Between AMR and the Machine Table

Optical communication sensors have a divergence angle, generally ±15° or ±20°. Within the divergence angle range, two PIO sensors can achieve communication.

Beginners’ Guide to AGV Safety Frame

One of the advantages of AGV robots is that they can help humans in various transportation operations in dangerous or harmful environments, reducing the risk of work. However, the production environment of most manufacturing industries is dynamic and constantly changing

How Do Laser Navigation Mobile Robots Work?

So how does a laser-navigated mobile robot work? There are two ways of laser navigation, laser reflector navigation and laser natural contour navigation.

What Kinds of Navigation Methods Does a Mobile Robot Have?

According to the difference in robot navigation methods, the current robot navigation methods can be mainly divided into inertial navigation, road sign navigation, laser navigation, etc., and laser navigation has become the mainstream navigation method to realize the autonomous movement of robots by virtue of its flexibility and autonomy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

AMRs are collaborative and designed to work with human beings. The main feature of these collaborative mobile robots is that they are extremely safe and work in dynamic environments alongside humans.

What's the Difference Between AGVs and AMRs?

Although there are some similarities between an automated guided vehicle and an autonomous mobile robot, this article shows the differences between AGVs and AMRs.

What Are The Benefits Of Autonomous Mobile Robots?

Manufacturing is evolving, and autonomous robots have arrived on the assembly line. But is this really a good thing? Is this something we should be moving toward? The short answer is yes. Here are some benefits of having autonomous mobile robots as part of your team.

An Overview Of Secondary Precise Positioning For Mobile Robots

The positioning accuracy of pure laser navigation cannot meet the requirements, so sensor positioning is used when high-precision positioning is required; it is usually used for precise docking with several AGVs on the side.

Youibot Seizes The Logistics Highland Of 3C Production Line

In addition, Youibot's AMR products have good consistency. Taking the transformation of the old factory building as an example, the robot needs to be connected and debugged with the equipment on the production line, but the old factory building is often full production when the transformation is carried out, because there is less debugging time left for the robot to stop production.

What Is A Mobile Robot And What Are The Classifications?

A mobile robot is an intelligent machine that can perform tasks and operate in an environment independently, without human control or intervention.


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