Discover the Truth: The Unmatched Advantages of Fusion SLAM

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Riding the wave of smart manufacturing, automation is swiftly reshaping the way we produce goods. Positioned as the cornerstone of this evolution, SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology equips mobile robots with the vision and cognition necessary for autonomous navigation in complex factory environments. Today, we're thrilled to introduce our Fusion SLAM framework——a tailor-made solution designed specifically for the dynamic world of intelligent factories. Not only does it meet the demands for high precision,high robustness, and high adaptability, but it also sets a thrilling new benchmark in the industry.

The Core Magic of Fusion SLAM

Positioning Accuracy & Robustness

In the whirlwind of environments like smart factories, where change is the only constant, robots face the ultimate test: adapting on the fly while staying spot-on in their positioning. While traditional SLAM frameworks shine in ideal conditions,the real world is a constant chameleon.The Fusion SLAM framework revolutionizes MAP probability models by seamlessly integrating diverse sensor data——including LiDAR, wheel encoders, inertial units, and vision——via a semi-tight coupling approach, enabling high-precision positioning and navigation across vast expanses. Even amidst changing environments, it swiftly mitigates errors, ensuring minimum accuracy thresholds are met for uninterrupted robot operations, safeguarding seamless workflow continuity.

Map Updating and Maintenance

During the map updating phase, the system amalgamates graph-based SLAM and machine learning algorithms, enabling robots to learn, forget, and remember the current environment much like humans do. In this process, the system identifies dynamic changes in the environment, such as new obstacles or altered terrain, and promptly reflects these changes in real-time on the map.

Bitmap Resize Algorithm & Selection Mechanisms

The Fusion SLAM framework also develops a set of Bitmap Resize Algorithm based on key frame information and constraint edge information, which enables the system to add, delete and modify the original map. Meanwhile, through the bitmap selection mechanism, the system is able to avoid the problem of bitmap inflation under long-term operation.

Selective Fusion and Intelligent Diagnostics

Finally, the Fusion SLAM framework utilizes the redundancy of the robot's sensor system through selective fusion technology, dynamically selecting the available sensors and reporting on faulty sensors through an intelligent diagnostic system for quick response and maintenance. This step ensures the stability and reliability of the system in long-term operation.

Multi-source fusion

In smart factories, there are a variety of sensors that can be utilized, including ground QR codes, reflective stickers, reflective columns, etc. The Fusion SLAM framework is able to fuse these multiple sources of information in complex and changing industrial environments, not only ensuring the accuracy of localization, but also significantly improving the robustness of localization.

Loose and tight coupling of sensors

The Fusion SLAM framework performs temporal and rotational calibration of sensors in real time by means of loose and tight coupling. The loose coupling partially ensures the robustness of the system, while the tight coupling improves the accuracy of the localization. With the selective fusion technique, it can dynamically select the available sensors and report on faulty sensors through an intelligent diagnostic system for quick response and maintenance.

Breaking Ground: The Trailblazing Practice of Fusion SLAM Frameworks

In real-world smart factory applications,our Fusion SLAM framework shines brightly, showcasing its stellar performance across a myriad of real-world scenarios. Here's a glimpse into its prowess through a selection of typical application scenarios:

Complex workshop environment

Considering the complexity of the workshop environment in a smart factory.Our framework responds to environmental changes, such as new equipment installations or area modifications, by updating the map in real time.In this way, the robot can continue to navigate accurately on the workshop regardless of changes in the surrounding environment.

Dynamic production lines

The environment of a smart factory is variable, and robots need to be able to adapt to different phases of production and line modifications.The Fusion SLAM framework features map expansion, partial reconstruction, and automatic map updating, which can update the map in real time to recognize new facilities and obstacles without affecting a project's operation.

As our journey of exploration and innovation unfolds, the Fusion SLAM framework emerges as a cornerstone technology for smart factories, indispensable in shaping the landscape of tomorrow's manufacturing. With its transformative capabilities, we envision a future where robots become increasingly intelligent, unlocking boundless possibilities for human collaboration. Join us in charting this trajectory of progress and delve deeper into the exciting realm of SLAM technology as we pave the way towards a smarter, more connected future! Leave your contact information and our industry experts will get in touch with you soon 


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