At the Yunqi Conference, a mysterious guest from Youibot appeared...

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19-22 October 2021

Hangzhou, China Yunqi Town

annual technology event

Yunqi Conference Reproduce the rivers and lakes

Inside the 40,000-square-meter science and technology exhibition hall

More than 1,500 new technology products were unveiled
In these dazzling black technologies
have a special friend
Youibot intelligent data room inspection robot

Youibot's intelligent data room for IDC-The inspection solution can efficiently perform the inspection of the computer room, improve the efficiency and accuracy of the inspection, ensures the stable and efficient operation of the computer room, and facilitate the green and intelligent upgrade of the IDC.


AI redefines data room operation and maintenance 


In recent years, with the acceleration of the digital transformation of traditional industries, the scale of IDC computer rooms has ushered in explosive growth driven by national policies and technological development. At the same time, the industry as a whole is moving towards intelligence, visualization, and modularization.

At present, the construction period of a large-scale IDC is about 1-2 years, and it is usually located in areas far away from the urban area. It is difficult to recruit personnel for daily inspection and maintenance, and the cost is high and the flow of personnel is large. There is a risk of under-inspection and missed inspection in manual inspection, and data management and utilization need to be improved urgently. Under the background that carbon neutrality has become the mainstream trend of industry transformation, the average PUE of traditional IDCs is 1.54 to 1.63, and the energy consumption is generally large.

In view of the pains and difficulties faced by IDC inspections such as manpower gaps, missed inspection risks, and high energy consumption, Youibot  ARIS-IDC Independent inspection, intelligent analysis, and rapid fault location in the computer room free the operation and maintenance personnel of the computer room from tedious and dangerous work, improving the efficiency and accuracy of inspection, escorting the safety and reliability of the operation and maintenance of the computer room, and assisting the data computer room to optimize resources to reduce energy consumption and achieve green transformation and upgrading.

The inspection efficiency and accuracy are greatly improved
Realize the full-time global unmanned intelligent monitoring of the data room, avoid the timeliness and error risks of manual operation, greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of inspection, and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the machine room.
Optimize PUE to reduce carbon emissions
Real-time monitoring of important parameters such as temperature and airflow in the computer room and back to the management system, all-round scanning, and positioning of "hot spots" to accurately cool down, assists the computer room in reasonably adjusting and optimizing the configuration of the cooling system, so that the computer room is always maintained in the optimal operating environment, thereby reducing the PUE, reducing carbon emissions.

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