What to Expect at NEPCON ASIA 2021

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On October 20, the international event of electronic manufacturing that has attracted much attention from the industry—— NEPCON ASIA 2021 (Asian Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition) was grandly opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Hall).

Youibot made a heavy appearance with a variety of mobile robots, showing the industrial logistics technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing hard strength.

Composite robots help wafer manufacturing


At the exhibition, Youibot's wafer box handling robot for intelligent logistics of semiconductor production made a heavy appearance.
Wafer cassette handling robot equipped with the YOUI Pilot navigation system, the YOUI Fleet robot scheduling system, and the YOUI TMS on-site logistics management system to realize the automatic transfer of wafer cassettes between different processes such as machines, electronic material racks, and storage bins, and at the same time to open up the materials in the whole production cycle Flow and information flow ensure that the entire process of material data can be traced, and achieve stable, continuous and efficient wafer production.

±5mm indoor positioning accuracy

Satisfy dust-free operations while adapting to complex and dynamic on-site environments

±1mm Grab accuracy

Integrated 6-axis collaborative robotic arm

240mm-2500mm Crawl range

The industry's widest wafer cassette loading and unloading height coverage

7*24h black light work

Automatic charging and quick battery swap

360° Security

SEMI-E84, SEMI-E82, SEMI SECS Gem communication protocol

Precision electronic manufacturing full logistics assembly


In this exhibition, Youibot displayed intelligent logistics solutions covering the entire production cycle of products, including roller transfer series, automatic material truck sorting series, material box clamping series, jacking and rotating series, and intelligent forklift trucks. series of mobile robot products.

Youibot The layout of on-site logistics products for the entire industry chain of precision electronics manufacturing, which realizes the unmanned operation of the whole process of production materials from the raw material warehouse to the production line and to the finished product warehouse, and opens up the material in the field flow and information flow , helping enterprises achieve the goals of improving quality and efficiency, flexible production, and digital management.

At present, the production capacity of high-end electronics manufacturing is constantly shifting domestically, and the overall scale of China's electronics manufacturing is transforming from local automation and informatization to global automation and intelligence in the process of rapid growth.

As a leading mobile robot solution provider in China, Youibot focuses on sub-scenarios such as electronic semiconductors, display panels, and 3C, and creates an integrated intelligent upgrade solution centered on high-end electronic manufacturing. Make on-site logistics accurate to milliseconds.



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