New sailing! The relocation ceremony of Youibot headquarters was grandly held!
December 23,2021

Take advantage of the momentum and set sail for a new expedition​.



On October 18th, the relocation ceremony of Youibot Shenzhen headquarters was held in Shenzhen. Many representatives of Youibot industry partners, investors, suppliers, and associations gathered together to celebrate the new journey of Youibot.

Cody Zhang, the founder and the CEO of Youibot, Mei Xuesong, chief scientist of Youibot, Zheng Hao, co-founder and deputy general manager of Youibot, Pang Ming, deputy general manager of real estate and property operations of Ganlu Group, and Zhang Xiaofei, chairman of GG Robot, Li Jinke, General Secretary of China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance, Wang Xu, Vice President of Shanghai Pepperl+Fuchs Industrial Automation Trading Co., Ltd. China, and Yuan Donglai, Industry Sales Director of Shenzhen Boke Electric Co., Ltd. cut the ribbon together and held the unveiling ceremony.


Do not forget the original intention   Forge ahead

At the housewarming ceremony, Cody Zhang reviewed the development history of Youibot in the past four years and was full of confidence in the future development of the company: "Don't forget the original intention and forge ahead. Youibot will stick to the belief of helping traditional industries to land, and is committed to becoming the global leader in industrial mobile robots."
Professor Mei Xuesong highly recognized the rapid development of Youibot, and placed high expectations on the Youibot team. He hoped that the company can always maintain a firm belief, not be afraid of challenges, and take advantage of the situation.

After the meeting, the guests watched and understood the development history of Youibot Company and visited the new headquarters.

New Ecology     Wisdom leads the future

The new headquarters of Youibot is located in the Golden Apple Innovation Park, Ganli 2nd Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen. It accommodates an R&D center and production center of over 10,000 square meters and creates a comprehensive operation integrating mobile robot R&D design, production testing, and sales services. platform and so on.
Youibot headquarters base will take Shenzhen as the core, relying on the city's strong scientific and technological transportation innovation resource advantages, radiating the national and even international markets, and leading the large-scale landing of mobile robots.
As a leading mobile robot solution provider in China, Youibot business has covered 26 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in China, and has been applied in more than 30 countries. future, Youibot will continue to dig deep into the field of mobile robots and explore a world where humans and robots coexist in harmony!
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