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On October 11, 2021, the 7th Guangdong International Robot and Intelligent Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Zhibo Fair") officially kicked off in Dongguan, Guangdong. As a leading mobile robot and solution provider in China, Youibot made a grand appearance with a variety of 5G robot products, showing the mature application results of the deep integration of IT, OT, and CT technologies in the era of intelligence.



In this exhibition, Youibot demonstrated the 5G intelligent inspection operation robot ARIS-IS, which can independently carry out inspection work, monitor the on-site environment and make abnormal alarms, integrate real-time monitoring of environmental status, multi-sensor fusion, autonomous Various high-tech means such as navigation, and intelligent analysis, wireless communication, etc., through the collection and analysis of images, temperature, gas, etc., to complete the inspection tasks of the inspection site, improve the intelligent level of the industrial operation and maintenance environment, and improve the quality of inspection personnel. Inspection efficiency, while reducing the risk factor of inspectors.

In May 2020, the ARIS-IS 5G intelligent inspection robot entered a large upstream energy enterprise in Xinjiang, effectively solving inspection problems in high-risk and complex operating environments. The hazardous chemicals smelting site has a complex environment and many sources of danger, such as flash explosions, CO poisoning, tempering burns, heat stroke on the ground at high temperature, and chronic CAC cancer. ARIS-IS uses 5G high bandwidth to send back 4 channels of high-definition video and infrared data for real-time analysis. At the same time, it has the ability of remote operation under 5G, with the lowest millisecond and delay, meeting the needs of real-time remote operation and avoiding the need for personnel to patrol on-site. risks, and ensure the safe and efficient operation of enterprise equipment.



Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Youibot intelligent killing robots have helped epidemic prevention and control in more than 30 countries around the world, and have received widespread attention at home and abroad. At a time when epidemic prevention work has become the norm, Youibot and China Unicom MEC Center jointly developed and launched an edge cloud intelligent killing robot, which uses high-power ultraviolet disinfection to complete 99.99% of the killing effect within 1m in 66 seconds. At the same time, infrared capture is used. And thermal imaging analysis, the crowd temperature measurement accuracy reaches ±0.5℃. Through the low-latency and large-bandwidth capabilities of 5G+MEC edge computing, images, information transmission and remote command release can be performed, which shortens the end-to-end business delay, automatically identifies those with abnormal body temperature, and issues an early warning to the staff in real-time, and the whole process of body temperature monitoring is safe.



In recent years, with the accelerated transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry under the national intelligent manufacturing development strategy, the integration of IT and OT technologies has ushered in the rapid development of industrial software representing the level of industrial intelligence. CT with 5G as the core innovates the way of data flow, which accelerates the deep integration with IT and OT, and the three jointly promote the process of industrial intelligence.


As an OT representative enterprise, Youibot actively explores 5G industrial applications and leads the large-scale implementation of products in semiconductors, 3C, new energy, power plants, and other fields. At present, Youibot has supported 5G access capability in all products and supports large-scale cloud deployment in the SA network or 5G network environment with MEC. In the NSA network environment, it can realize cloud analysis of video streams and localization of control streams. deployment.


5G Technology will help China promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, and promote the development of industrial manufacturing informatization, networking, and intelligence. Youibot 's IT+OT+CT fusion technology solution is accelerating innovation, forming a more mature intelligent industrial system to help customers achieve intelligent production.


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