Youibot Helps a Leading Auto Interior Factory in the Construction of Smart Logistics
December 23,2021

Stable, continuous and efficient production.


The intelligent transformation and upgrading of factories is an important path for the manufacturing industry to improve efficiency. With the increasingly perfect information foundation such as digitization and automation, mobile robots have become the key carrier of intelligent transformation of factories.


Youaizhihe applies an integrated solution based on mobile robots, Covering the on-site logistics of the entire production cycle of the factory, completing the unmanned operation of the entire process of production materials from raw material warehouses to various production lines to finished product warehouses, opening up the material flow and information flow in the factory, helping The enterprise achieves the goals of improving quality and efficiency, flexible production and digital management.

In the inferior of the world's leading automotive interior manufacturer wire harness sorting factory, the Youibot smart logistics solution has realized the automation of the instrument panel harness handling and the informatization of production management, helping the factory to achieve stable, continuous, and efficient production.



Background of the project

The factory is a wiring harness sorting factory for a leading auto interior manufacturer in the world, and 60 vehicle interiors are assembled in one hour during peak hours. In order to better perform the task of handling instrument panel harnesses, the factory decided to introduce a highly intelligent and flexible robot system to improve work efficiency.



Pain point problem

1 . Factory aisles are narrow, and forklifts can easily block workers' sight and hide safety risks.

2 . Each box of wire harnesses weighs 10KG, and the repeated handling is labor-intensive and the efficiency is reduced.

3 . Restricted by manpower, the material boxes are stored in the lower 3 layers of the warehouse shelves, and the high-level shelves above 3 layers are inconvenient to store, and the warehouse utilization rate is low. Excess boxes are stacked in the aisles, encroaching on production space.




The factory floor applies 3 jacking robots, 5 storage robots, and 3 bin-holding robots of Youaizhihe to perform automatic handling, storage, and online of the harness inside the car dashboard. With YOUI TMS on-site logistics management system and YOUIFleet intelligent dispatching system, it can realize the data tracking of material flow and create a factory intelligent logistics system.


The forklift forks the container down and puts it on the first section of the drum line at the door. The jacking robot picks up the container at the end of the drum line and sends it to the warehouse. A robot grabs a single box of materials and puts it on the drum line in front of the warehouse. Then the storage robot picks up the material at the end and puts it into the warehouse.

Out of stock

The warehousing robot picks up the material from the warehouse and puts it on the outgoing roller line, and the gripping robot picks up the material at the end and sends it to the line-side cache shelf.

Empty container recycling

The gripping robot picks up empty boxes from the line-side cache shelf and sends them to the recycling drum line. The manipulator grabs the empty boxes, puts them on the jacking robot, sends them to the recycling point, and waits at the door drum line after completing the task.



Benefit improvement

Continuous production

The robot can work 7*24H, and the effective working time is increased by 3 times compared with manual work.

save human effort

Day and night shifts can replace 25 workers, with a payback period of about 1 year.

Resource optimization

The utilization rate of high-level shelves in the warehouse is increased by 133%, which frees up aisle space.




YOUIBOT is an industry-leading provider of mobile robots and solutions. It applies high-precision SLAM navigation mobile robots and core technologies of software systems. The company provides autonomous mobile robot products and integrated solutions to create a stable, continuous and efficient smart production field.


At present, the domestic market of YOUIBOT covers 26 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), and its products are exported to more than 30 countries including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Smart Archives and other vertical fields have accumulated rich experience in scenarios, and have become partners of many well-known domestic and foreign brands such as China Huaneng, China CRRC, Fast, Luxshare, AVIC, COMAC, ASM, Hitachi, etc.
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