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As a domestic leading mobile robot and solution supplier, Youibot took the customer's scene landing and service as the first goal, adhering to the development concept of "in-depth scenes can burst continuous vitality", in industrial logistics, intelligence Inspection and maintenance, and intellectual energy in the three fields of intensive, helping companies have improved efficiency and efficiency.

The content of this issue will give a detailed introduction to one of the three major fields of Youibot—— smart energy, quickly understand Youibot smart energy solutions, and clarify the value and path of mobile robots to empower scene changes.




Under the strategy of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, deepening the reform of the power system, building a new power system with new energy as the main body, and realizing transformation and upgrading through advanced technology are the inevitable development paths for the traditional energy industry.
At present, there are still pain points in the operation management of some energy enterprises that need to be solved urgently.
In view of the problems faced by the traditional energy industry, Youibot has created a comprehensive solution for the whole scene of the smart power plant based on the composite mobile inspection operation robot. Smart pipe gallery, joint inspection, live operation, and smart warehouse panoramic coverage, fully assist customers to create a safer, greener, more efficient, and more economical enterprise production and operation system and help the upgrade the power and energy industry.

Full scene coverage   Helping the upgrade the power and energy industry

Youibot is specially built for coal conveying corridors, cable tunnels, and urban pipe corridors.  Smart pipe gallery solution Through the automatic inspection and real-time monitoring of mobile robots, it can ensure the safety of the site and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance. The corridor environment is harsh, and factors such as high temperature, noise, dust, and narrow space are not conducive to personnel inspection, and the workload of human inspection is large, and the inspection quality cannot be fully guaranteed. If it cannot be used effectively, auxiliary decision-making cannot be implemented.

Youibot smart pipe gallery solution uses mobile robots as the carrier to realize 24/7 full-cycle autonomous inspection, environmental monitoring, equipment detection, analysis and early warning, system linkage, and other functions. It not only efficiently performs inspection tasks but also can break through Data islands, multi-system data sharing, and functional linkage, assisting enterprises in scientific management and decision-making.

From the large factory area to the small computer room, from indoor to outdoor, Youibot's Joint inspection solution can jointly form a network of multiple types of terminals to achieve comprehensive perception and promote the construction of unattended factories.

Facing some high Dangerous and complex working environments, undoubtedly, it is necessary to use mobile robots to replace human workers to avoid accidents. For scenarios with a large number and types of power distribution equipment, factors such as irregular operation and equipment aging can easily lead to equipment damage and personal injury. The more popular intelligent power distribution cabinets are, the less practical experience of personnel, and the higher the risk of personnel backup operation.

Youibot Live-operated robot It is possible to realize functions such as live operation, intelligent planning, and remote control, from fine inspection to precise operation, to achieve zero errors in thousands of on-site operations, focusing on efficiency and safety.

 Smart warehouse solutions The intelligent robot combined with the warehouse management software system truly realizes the circulation, inventory, and in-out of materials, reduces labor input, improves the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse management, reduces the risk of material circulation, and improves material management standards.

Youibot has always practiced the mission of "mobile robots assisting the upgrading of traditional industries", and continued to cultivate in subdivided scenarios to help enterprises achieve safe, green and efficient intelligent production operations.

With rich experience in intelligent inspection operation and maintenance in vertical fields such as power plants, Youibot has become a national grid, national energy group, Huaneng Group, Datang Group, It is a high-quality supplier of intelligent robots for many energy companies such as Zhejiang Energy Group and Shaanxi Energy Investment.


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