Youibot Was Selected as the Case of Tencent's 5G Ecological Plan 5G Little Blue Book
December 23,2021

Youibot 5G Data Room Inspection Robot was Selected Into "Light Chaser 5G Strategic Observation" (5G Little Blue Book) !


On December 28th, the "Technology for Good, Pursue the Light - 5G Technology Innovation Forum" was officially held in Chengdu. This forum is hosted by Tencent PCG Ecological Cooperation Department, with Tencent New Cultural and Creative Headquarters, Tencent Qingteng, and Tencent Research Institute as supporting organizations. The forum invited experts and scholars from industry, academia, and research field and representatives of 5G ecological science and technology enterprises to collaborate with the government, operators, terminals, industry leaders, and venture capital funds, for promoting technological innovation and industry-university-research through experience sharing, communication sharing, and field visiting, which is beneficial to integrate, empower and accelerate the construction and implementation of 5G capabilities.

At the 5G Science and Technology Innovation Forum, Tencent's 5G Ecological Plan released the cooperation with the Robin 5G knowledge community. "Light Chaser 5G Strategic Observation" (5G Little Blue Book).


This series of special reports aims to enhance the communication efficiency and collaboration level between partners, focusing on the progress of 5G commercialization from a global perspective. It synchronizes domestic and foreign research data, shares representative 5G cases, and invites industry experts to discuss opportunities in China.  Hopefully, with the help of this continuously updated 5G strategy observation little blue book, it will help the flow of 5G knowledge and application experience, bring valuable thinking and precipitation to users and connect every 5G light chaser.

Youibot 5G data room inspection robot was selected into "Light Chaser 5G Strategic Observation" (5G Little Blue Book) !




 # About Tencent's 5G Ecosystem Plan

Tencent 5G Ecological Plan, relying on Tencent Operator Center, Tencent Xianyou Cloud Games, Tencent AI Lab, Tencent Robotics X Lab, Tencent Multimedia Lab, Tencent Future Network Lab, Tencent Youtu Lab, Tencent Network Platform Department, Tencent The products and technical capabilities of the Cloud Architecture Platform Department, Tencent Cloud Communications, and Tencent START Cloud Games, combined with the powerful resources of partners such as operators, terminal and equipment manufacturers, and Tencent's rich multimedia content and application scenarios, continue to introduce industry 5G capabilities , and jointly build a 5G ecosystem. Through authorization and certification, business opportunity sharing, technology co-construction, platform empowerment, brand upgrade, financing docking, benchmarking and other rights and interests, in collaboration with Tencent 5G Application Test Center, accelerate the implementation of 5G ecology in digital content and digital economy.


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