Youibot's efforts to tackle tough problems! Youibot Joins Hands with Comac to Open 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Era of Chinese Aircraft
December 23,2021

Youibot uses rich 5G technology to accumulate and apply landing experience. As the only mobile robot manufacturer in the national key research and development plan "Network Collaborative Manufacturing and Intelligent Factory" project, it will go hand in hand with COMAC to jointly explore the advanced logistics key technologies

Global integration, high-end precision manufacturing represented by aircraft manufacturing industry is becoming an important field of competition in various countries. 5G communication technology brings new opportunities for industrial logistics and will lead China's aircraft manufacturing to an era of interconnection and flexible customization.




Youibot uses rich 5G technology to accumulate and apply landing experience as a national key research and development plan. The only mobile robot manufacturer in the "Network Collaborative Manufacturing and Intelligent Factory" project and COMAC go hand in hand to explore together. Advanced Logistics Key Technologies of Civil Aircraft Manufacturing Intelligent Factory Based on 5G Network Environment helps upgrade the industry intelligence.


This topic is led by Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and aims to use 5G-based intelligent logistics as a solution to build a logistics collaborative management and control platform for domestic civil aircraft that supports 5G networks, Internet of Things, and cloud computing, as to improve the turnover efficiency of aircraft production materials. Realize efficient, collaborative, flexible and flexible "aircraft intelligent manufacturing".




China's trunk civil aircraft with independent intellectual property rights C919and regional passenger planes ARJ21 production lines will lead the forefront of China's aerospace manufacturing with the joint blessing of mobile robots and 5G technology.


In the complex discrete manufacturing intelligent factory represented by civil aircraft manufacturing, the number of parts and semi-finished products is huge, the specifications and shapes are different, the size and size are different, the process and process are complex, and the equipment involved is not only a wide variety, but The communication protocols of various equipment are also different.


In such a highly complex factory, the existing theories and methods cannot efficiently meet the highly cooperative production of man-machine objects.


As a new generation of network communication technology, 5G has High speed, low latency, and high connectivity making it possible for industrial logistics to realize the interconnection of everything, the coordination of things and the flexible customization of data transmission in seconds.




Under the unified data transmission mode of 5G, this project will establish a collaborative optimization model in the whole process of warehousing, picking, transportation and distribution under the unified information data mode of man-machine and object, and explore the highly collaborative production mechanism of man-machine and object in complex discrete manufacturing intelligent factories.


By building a logistics collaborative management and control platform for domestic civil aircraft that supports 5G network, Internet of Things, and cloud computing, it realizes dynamic real-time perception of resources, dynamic planning and collaborative distribution of distribution, independent decision-making of scheduling, improve material turnover efficiency, and effectively allocates resources., Reduce costs.


In view of the low efficiency of transportation of many varieties, small batches, large sizes and irregular materials in domestic civil aircraft manufacturing plants, Youibot uses high-precision SLAM navigation mobile robot positioning and navigation technology, multi-machine cluster collaborative management and control technology, and configured intelligent robot information connectivity technology to establish a multi-robot material transmission system based on autonomous intelligence to achieve complex discrete intelligent manufacturing plants under 5G networks The goal of accurate, efficient and flexible material distribution.




As a national key strategic R & D project, Youibot, together with COMAC and major scientific research institutions and high-tech enterprises, jointly promotes major theoretical innovations and key technological breakthroughs in high-end manufacturing intelligent factories and helps China's manufacturing industry maintain its technological first-mover advantage. Grasp the right to speak on standards, occupy the application highland, and provide strong support for the strategy of manufacturing power.



#national key research and development plan:

The national key R & D plan is a major focus of the management reform of the central financial science and technology plan, focusing on strategic, basic and forward-looking major scientific issues, key technologies and key issues related to the national economy and people's livelihood, the core competitiveness of the industry, the overall independent innovation capability and national security. Products provide continuous support and guidance for the national economy and social development as the main areas of the national economy and social development. The key special projects are the carriers.



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