4 reorders in 2 years, the world-leading T company is undergoing its digital upgrade

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As the global technology competition becomes more and more intense, chips are becoming the core of competition among countries, and the intelligent transformation and upgrading of semiconductor manufacturing is a definite trend.

A chip manufacturer——T company,with a global market share of more than 50% has increased its smart factory construction to improve production and efficiency. The smart logistics solution built by Youibot for the company's Shanghai plant has completed the automation of the whole process of wafer manufacturing in the plant, helping the plant to improve production yields and efficiency.

Based on the recognition and trust of Youibot's professional services, the factory has reordered 30+ mobile robots for 4 times in 2 years to continue to improve productivity for chip manufacturing.

In response to the problems of employee turnover and pollution loss in the wafer production of T company's Shanghai factory, Youibot has created a targeted intelligent logistics solution to complete the point-to-point handling of Open Cassette, while applying YOUI Pilot navigation system, YOUI Fleet robot scheduling system, and YOUI TMS in-field logistics management system to open up the material flow and information flow of the whole production cycle and ensure the traceability of material data in the whole process.

With the continuously focusing on the semiconductor sector, the recognition and trust of global leading semiconductor companies to Youibot is constantly confirmed by the continuous reorders and large-scale landing cases.


 At present, Youibot has formed a whole chain of logistics automation transformation from upstream wafer fabrication, packaging and testing to downstream assembly process, and become the backbone of domestic chip manufacturing intelligentization.


Through professional and reliable solutions and services, Youibot will continue to help the semiconductor industry realize intelligent upgrades!



Polish the products according to customers’ needs. Mobile robots are deployed in the factory.


Reordered mobile robots. Yield rate was improved.


Reordered 6 mobile robots


Reordered nearly 10+ mobile robots.


Reordered nearly 10 mobile robots.

Mitigate labour shortage

One mobile robots can save the cost of 4 manpower, addressing the root of labour shortage problem.


Improve yield rate

Avoid material damage caused by vibration or contamination during manual work.


Optimize the beat of material transport

Ensure stable and continuous production, improve the production cycle


Youibot broke through the traditional industry logistics efficiency bottleneck, with substantial successful cases of autonomous logistics transformation. Its intelligent flexible solutions have been the driving force of manufacturing automation upgrade for the industries like semiconductor, renewable energy and 3C etc.


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