The "2021 Blue Book of Composite Mobile Robot Industry Development" jointly titled by Youibot and Intel will be released

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The elites of the composite robot industry chain gathered & The first blue paper on composite mobile robots in the industry was released.


With the increasing complexity of internal manufacturing in factories, the need for flexibility in automation equipment is more urgent. Compared with the single function of AGV/AMR and robotic arms, a composite mobile robot that combines the characteristics of both has become the key to opening up the "last meter" of smart factories. Role.

As a representative of the leading enterprise of composite mobile robots, Youibot actively promotes the technological development and application of composite mobile robots in the field of intelligent production and operation of enterprises and promotes the construction of standards and specifications for composite mobile robots together with industry ecological partners to jointly help improve the development level of the industry.

On December 17, 2021, China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Development Annual Conference Compound Mobile Robot Special Forum, Youibot and Intel jointly titled The "Blue Book on the Development of the Composite Mobile Robot Industry (2021 Edition)" will Big release! This is also The industry's first composite robot internal reference material.

At the same time, upstream and downstream enterprises in the composite mobile robot industry chain will also gather together to discuss new directions and new opportunities for composite mobile robots.


December 17th - Special Forum on Composite Mobile Robots


The Blue Book of Composite Mobile Robot Industry Development Released

Youibot &Intel titled release


Interpretation of the Value of Composite Mobile Robots

Zhang Zhaohui, Youibot founder &CEO 


The Road to Productization of Composite Mobile Robots 

Shi Xuying, Deputy General Manager of Zhongke Xinsong


Application Landing and Solution Analysis of Composite Robots 

Ren Yi, Deputy General Manager of Elite Marketing Center


Application Pain Points and Countermeasures of Compound Mobile Robots

Li Huawei, Director of Xiangong Intelligent Vision AI Division


Smart | Further —2021 Neura Multi-sensing Automatic Guided Vehicle Released in China

Lu Hongyan, Director of Han's Robot-Composite Robot Product Center


AGV+ Collaborative Robot Single Product

1. How to realize the collaboration between collaborative robots and AMRs

2. Conception of mobile collaborative robot application scenarios

3. Difficulties in the transformation of intelligent manufacturing in the semiconductor industry

Moderator: Li Jinke, Secretary General of CMR Industry Alliance

Zhang Zhaohui, YOUIBOT founder &CEO

Jiang Xuejia, Deputy General Manager of Daming Robot 

Shi Xuying, Deputy General Manager of Zhongke Xinsong

Ren Yi, Deputy General Manager of Elite Marketing Center

Du Zhiwei, Director of Industry Development of Xiangong Intelligence

Zheng Jianfeng, General Manager of Tianjin Niuer Robot






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