Youibot and VisionNav Robot Reached Strategic Cooperation
December 23,2021

Create an ecological link for the future.


Recently, VisionNav Robot and Youibot reached comprehensive strategic cooperation. VisionNav Robot CEO Li Luyang and Youibot Chief Strategy Officer Mei Wanqing attended the signing ceremony and formally signed the cooperation agreement.


The two parties adhere to the principle of customer-centric strategic cooperation and integrate their advantages in technology research and development, business development, product services, etc., jointly empower the intelligent manufacturing industry and jointly promote further technological transformation and optimization and upgrading of the industrial chain.

Intelligent manufacturing is the deep integration of a new generation of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology. It runs through all links in the entire life cycle of products, manufacturing, and services and optimizes the integration of corresponding systems to achieve digital, networked, and intelligent manufacturing.

Through this strategic cooperation, the two parties will strengthen technical cooperation, business cooperation, product, and service cooperation in the field of intelligent manufacturing, achieve resource sharing, achieve win-win cooperation, and completely open up the intelligent factory from outdoor to indoor, from warehouse to production line, from grasping The logistics flow of all links from moving to handling, loading, and unloading, opening up the entire production life cycle of the enterprise, creating a stable, continuous, efficient and intelligent production field, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, and empowering more manufacturing enterprises to move towards digitization and intelligence.


  Youibot Robotics

With mobile robot R&D and manufacturing as the core, Youibot Robot has core algorithms with completely independent intellectual property rights. Based on the three major businesses of industrial logistics, intelligent inspection operation and maintenance, and smart energy, it provides global enterprises with autonomous mobile robot products and integration solutions.


Currently, the domestic market of Youibot covers 26 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), and its products are exported to more than 30 countries including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Smart archives and other vertical fields have accumulated rich scene experience.

  VisionNav Robot

VisionNav Robot is committed to empowering industrial unmanned vehicles with technology, creating the world's leading unmanned general technology platform for industrial vehicles, realizing unmanned logistics upgrades for enterprises, and promoting intelligent and scientific logistics management.


In the future, robots will cover industries such as automobiles, machines, and manufacturing, breaking through technical difficulties in deep-water logistics scenarios, and providing intelligent, reusable, and cost-effective unmanned handling for factory logistics, warehouse logistics, loading and unloading, access, and distribution. Solutions, flexible logistics unmanned solutions include large-scale cluster robot scheduling systems, intelligent environmental monitoring systems, and multi-sensor fusion industrial unmanned vehicles. Both parties have accumulated rich project experience in the field of intelligent manufacturing.


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