Youibot and Kinco have reached strategic cooperation to jointly empower the transformation and upgrade of intelligent manufacturing

Recently, Youibot Robotics and Kinco Co., Ltd. have reached strategic cooperation. Zhang Chaohui, CEO of Youibot Co., Ltd., and Tang Dong, Chairman of Kinco Co., Ltd., attended the signing ceremony and formally signed a cooperation agreement.


Zhang Chaohui, CEO of Youibot, and Tang Dong, Chairman of Kinco Co., Ltd., jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement


Through this strategic cooperation, Youibot and Kinco will cooperate in technical cooperation, key projects, and other directions, give full play to and combine their respective advantages and expertise in technology, products, and markets, and jointly explore and develop new businesses scenarios, and jointly help customers realize application empowerment in different scenarios.


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Kinco is a high-tech company with intelligent manufacturing software and hardware solutions as its core. Focusing on the vision of "intelligently creating a better life", it focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of industrial automation equipment control core components and industrial Internet of Things/Internet software and hardware. Provide customers with equipment automation control, digital factory, and industrial Internet solutions.


Youibot is an industry-leading provider of mobile robots and solutions. It applies high-precision SLAM navigation mobile robots and core technologies of software systems. Based on the three major businesses of industrial logistics, intelligent inspection operation and maintenance, and smart energy, it provides global enterprises with independent Mobile robot products and integrated solutions to create a stable, continuous and efficient smart production field.


At present, the manufacturing industry is undergoing profound changes, and the intelligent and digital transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises has become a major trend and core content of industrial development.


Kinco's rich scene experience and technology accumulation in the field of intelligent industrial equipment and systems complements the advantages of Youibot in mobile robot software and hardware solutions. The joint cooperation between Youibot and Kinco will jointly promote the construction of digital intelligent factories and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.


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