Youibot Has Won 2 Golden Globe Awards for 2021 High-tech Mobile Robots!

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On October 28th, the 2021 Golden Globe Award for the most influential mobile robot in the industry was announced. As a leader in domestic mobile robots, Youibot has won two major 2021 High-tech Mobile Robot Golden Globe Awards —— Innovative Technology of the Year, and Investment value enterprise.

Since its establishment, Youibot has always taken customers' scenarios and services as the first goal. Based on the three business sectors of industrial logistics, intelligent inspection operation and maintenance, and smart energy, it provides autonomous mobility for many companies in the world of precision electronics, energy, power, etc. Robot products and integrated solutions create a stable, continuous, and efficient smart production and operation field.

Based on the core technology of mobile robot algorithms and software systems, Youibot continuously improves its products and technologies and is committed to providing customers with better solutions and services. Youibot puts the R&D capabilities of robots and the R&D capabilities of systems in an equally important position and has been promoting the R&D and application capabilities of the system in various scenarios. For different customer scenarios, Youibot has created fast-adaptive YOUI TMS, YOUI INS, and other client application systems. On the basis of simple operation and flexible interaction, it perfectly fits the user's business process and improves work efficiency.

At present, Youibot has served many well-known domestic and foreign companies such as CRRC Zhuzhou, Huawei, Michelin, Fast, ASM, Huaneng Group, etc., and has achieved closed-loop solutions in many scenarios, and maintained a stable solution in the sub-sectors. Market first advantage. While cultivating the domestic market, the company has successively established a deep channel sales network with more than 60 countries including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, and Germany. Up to now, Youibot has maintained a rapid development trend and has been favored by first-line funds such as Softbank Asia, SOSV, Lanchi, SIG, Zhenge, Inno, and Common.

In the eyes of investors, Youibot has a complete closed-loop from mobile robot products to integrated solutions and has strong technical iteration and R&D innovation capabilities. Whether it is for leveraging the industrial market or building industrial digitization and intelligence, All have great long-term value.

In the future, Youibot will continue to deeply cultivate the three major fields of industrial logistics, intelligent inspection operation and maintenance, and intelligent energy, provide customers with the best products and services, and at the same time steadily move towards the international market, leading the large-scale landing of mobile robots.


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