A Spotlight on SEMICON CHINA, Paying attention on Fully Auto's New Options

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From March 20 to 22, the robot from Youibot debuted strongly at the highly anticipated SEMICON CHINA 2024, demonstrating the hard power of AMR to empower the logistics of semiconductor manufacturing under the wave of intelligent industrial upgrading!

The AT series of wafer cassette transportation robots with 20 storage positions and the OW composite mobile robots with both movement and loading/unloading worked together under the management of the intelligent scheduling system YOUI Fleet, equipped with the intelligent logistics management system YOUI TMS, to complete the automation transformation of the entire semiconductor production logistics.

As the largest mobile robot enterprise in the domestic semiconductor field with the largest shipment volume, Youibot has created AMR logistics automation solutions for semiconductor production covering the whole scenario from warehouse to line cache, Inter Bay to Intra Bay, and automatic loading and unloading between Intra Bays, and served many global famous semiconductor manufacturers such as TSMC, SMIC, United Nova Technology Co.,Ltd.


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