An article to understand the 5G mobile robot solution of Youibot

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5G has been upgraded to a national strategy in today's international relations. Today, when 5G is well known to all women and children, 5G needs to go through before it can truly realize large-scale commercial value?

This is from 5G.

Large bandwidth eMBB-Theoretical value: 10Gbps for a single base station and 1Gbps for a single user.

Ultra-low latency URLLC-Theoretical value: 1ms

Mass connection mMTC-theoretical value: 1 million connection/km2

--then the question arises--

What is the concept of 1Gbps network speed for a single user? It only takes 8 seconds to download a 1GB movie!

What is the concept that the network delay is only 1ms?Chinese flying man Liu Xiangis 0.155s = 155ms

Who can use such a high-performance network?!

Listen to what the authority says.

2019 is the eve of 5G large-scale commercial use. On September 20, Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei said at a press conference of the State Council Information Office that the 80% of 5G application scenarios in the future would be in the industrial internet.


--The following is the topic--


Youibot: "I need 5G! I have been waiting for you for a long time!"

Youibot Robot is equipped with ultra-high-definition cameras in many scenes. Since the traditional network cannot support the real-time return of 4K, 8K, and VR videos, it can only degrade 1080P video streams with pain.


However, when we have 5G and support the 40M network speed required for a 4K video, it is a piece of cake!


From then on, Youibot Robot can send 4K real-time video back to the cloud in real-time.

Youibot supports more viewsfrequencyrecognition algorithm capability

and then creates greater value for customers!


In addition, under the SA network environment

Ultra-low delay enables Youibot to realize remote control based on real-time signals.

Massive connections enable intensive robot cluster scheduling



the future

has come!



Let's see what benefits 5G can bring to mobile robots.

5G network slicing technology can greatly release wasted network capabilities

Breaks the Traditional Complex Deployment Mode

HD camera and robot chassis can be accessed through customized network slices respectively

Network resources are not wasted at all.



At this stage, most metropolitan area coverage is in the NSA stage.

Some manufacturing enterprises choose to deploy dedicated SA networks in their factories.

In this context, Youibot introduced a design that matches the current situation.

NSA architecture

Youibot eady supports 5G access in all products

Supports large-scale cloud deployment in SA networks or 5G networks with MEC

NSA. In the network environment, cloud analysis on video streams and localization of control streams can be realized.


--I see here, I seem to have heard someone say that I just talk and don't practice--



5G Park Inspection Robot

Time: August 2019

Customer: The Largest ICT Solution Supplier in China

Project: 5G Park Inspection Robot


Smart Park 5G inspection robot solution, the 5G high bandwidth and cloud computing organic combination, greatly enhances the intelligence of a giant company's park, to meet the needs of its smart park.

The addition of several inspection robots provides a guarantee for the security and real-time monitoring of the park. The 5G high bandwidth is used to return 4K high-definition video to the cloud, and the powerful computing power of Huawei Cloud is used for data analysis. Patrol, analyze the dynamics of the park's personnel, crowd abnormalities, and environmental status, and present the park's environmental information in real-time, ensuring the safety of the production and working environment in a low-cost way.


Remote inspection robot for smelting and hazardous chemicals

Time: May 2020

Customer: A large upstream energy enterprise in Xinjiang

Project: 5G calcium carbide smelting furnace inspection robot

Hazardous chemicals smelting site environment is complex and has many hazard sources. Flash explosion, CO poisoning, tempering, burning and scalding, high temperature heat stroke on the ground, CaC chronic carcinogenesis may occur.

The remote inspection operation robot is used on site, and 5G high bandwidth is used to return and analyze 4 channels of high-definition video and infrared data in real time, thus avoiding the risk of personnel inspection on site. At the same time, it has the ability of remote operation under 5G, with minimum milliseconds and delay, to meet the needs of real-time remote operation.


In addition in 2019, the 5G robot project was launched with two leading domestic aircraft manufacturers in western and eastern China.


In 2020 and South China area's largest electronic equipment manufacturers launches manufacturing line 5G robot project

Youibot mobile operation robot has been fully upgraded in 5G field

5G, welcome!


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