An Introduction to the Communication Between AMR and the Machine Table

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Regarding the communication mode between AMR and the machine table, there are mainly optical communication and remote IO, which we will introduce in detail below.

Optical communication

PIO communication can be used to communicate between the AMR and the connecting device. The specific brand can be selected from South Korea's Cantops Hybrid-PIO (IR/RF) communication transmitter, E84 sensor, Beiyang or other brands and models specified by the customer. South Korea's Cantops Hybrid-PIO (IR/RF) communication transmitter is a wireless point-to-point parallel signal transmission device with light as the medium, and the E84 sensor is an optical communication serial port.

The two PIO sensors can transmit binary signals through infrared light, and one needs to be set as the master and the other as the slave. The binary switch signal is converted into 8-bit byte, and it is bidirectionally transmitted between the master device and the slave device. The communication interface type is generally 8-bit input and 8-bit output, and the signal type is divided into PNP type and NPN type.

Optical communication sensors have a divergence angle, generally ±15° or ±20°. Within the divergence angle range, two PIO sensors can achieve communication.

 Optical communication

Remote IO

unication can be used for communication between AMR and connecting equipment. The output type of the remote IO module is relay output (5A@AC250V/DC30V), 8 channels of analog input: by default, the first 4 channels are 0~5V voltage input, and the last 4 channels are 4~20mA. The DIO interface of the remote IO is connected with the user machine PLC, and the remote IO is connected to the system network through the internal wireless module. In this scheme, AMR communicates with YOUIFleet system through wireless AP, and user station communicates with YOUIFleet system through remote IO. The indirect communication between the AMR and the user machine is realized through the YOUIFleet system, remote IO, etc. as an intermediate medium.

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