China's First Intelligent Inspection and Quarantine Robot Officially Launches at Shenzhen Wenjindu Port

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"I announce that quarantine officer An An is officially on duty today!"

On April 10, with the Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Zhong Wenqiang Deputy Director's grand announcement that China's first inspection and quarantine intelligent robot has officially taken up its posts.



Quarantine Officer An'an's job is located at Wenjindu Port, one of the earliest land ports in Shenzhen. Its responsibility is to be responsible for customs clearance, inspection, and quarantine of flammable, explosive, toxic, and harmful chemicals.


An 'an reduces the direct contact between quarantine personnel and hazardous chemicals through a real-time remote control and detection system.

A variety of special sensors for inspection and quarantine, the inspection scope is expanded by means of gas composition analysis, infrared heat source detection, high-definition video detection, etc.

It can also find hidden dangers such as package damage, chemical leakage, spontaneous combustion, internal abnormalities, etc., and automatically notify relevant personnel to evacuate and start emergency plans.


Now, An'an has been working on the front line of the country and is exercising its mission. We believe that with the passage of time, An'an will become more mature in the quarantine post and become a quarantine officer with good ears and eyes.


To know more about An An, please see the short film.


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