Design! Youibot Trans1000 Mobile Robot Won German Red Dot Award

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Recently, the 2021 German Red Dot Design Award was officially announced, and Youibot Mobile Robot Products Trans1000has stood out among many competitive products in the world and won the Red Dot Product Design Award.


Red Dot Award is known as the "Oscar of the design industry". It is recognized as a recognized symbol of creativity and design in the world and is a weathervane of global design.


Youibot Trans1000 is an industrial-level heavy-duty autonomous mobile robot, which is one of the few indoor mobile robots in the world that takes into account the 1000kg load and flexible moving size.



Trans1000 improves the reliability and safety of material flow in the compact precision electronic manufacturing logistics process through complex sensor information coupling calculation, and takes into account the flexible production requirements in industrial manufacturing, so there is no need to make redundant changes to the production environment.



AMR uses data from cameras, built-in sensors and laser scanners, as well as advanced software, enabling it to detect the surrounding environment and choose the most effective route to reach the target. As a universal platform, the design provides diversified hardware and software interfaces, innovatively expands the application boundary in the field of industrial logistics, and better empowers the intelligent upgrade of industrial manufacturing scenarios.





RedotDesign Award

Red Dot Product Design Award, abbreviated as "Red Dot Award", was founded in Essen, Germany in 1955. It is dedicated to selecting the best products and projects of the year and is a symbol of quality assurance for excellent design.

Red Dot Product Design Award faithfully follows the concept of "looking for excellent design and innovation" and attracts manufacturers and designers from all over the world to sign up every year. As a worldwide design competition with high recognition and acceptance, the Red Dot Product Design Award is evaluated by world-renowned design experts.






Youibot is a composite mobile robot enterprise that provides full-scene solutions. As an industry-leading mobile robot and solution provider, Youibot applies the core technology of mobile robots and software systems, based on the two major scenarios of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent inspection, to provide global enterprises with independent mobile robot products and integrated solutions, To create a stable, efficient and flexible intelligent production field.

At present, the domestic market of Youibot covers 17 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), and its products are exported to more than 30 countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Germany, and Italy. It has accumulated rich experience in smart logistics in vertical fields such as power plant inspection, vehicle maintenance, and intelligent manufacturing in the automotive and semiconductor industries, become a partner of many well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Michelin, China Huaneng, CRRC, Fast, AVIC, COMAC, ASM, Hitachi, etc.

Youibot actively implements the corporate mission-"Robot Technology Enabling Scenario Change", through continuous technological innovation and scene innovation, to help the intelligent upgrading of the industry.


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