Do something for epidemic prevention and control as a mobile robot company?
December 23,2021

I believes that everyone has spent an extraordinary Spring Festival, the new coronavirus is menacing, so that most people can only stay at home, all eyes, and energy.

Original: Zhang Chaohui, CEO of Youibot


I believe that everyone has spent an extraordinary Spring Festival, the new coronavirus is menacing, so that most people can only stay at home, all eyes and energy seem to focus on every detail of the epidemic. However, the new type of coronary pneumonia is still rampant, everyone is eager to see the platform inflection point still needs to wait, the government has introduced strict control flow measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic, and various organizations are also doing their best to provide help for the prevention and control of the epidemic.


In this process, a large number of scenes urgently need some means to solve" Unattended. Doctors, nurses, and all the people and organizations who provide efforts for the epidemic are the reverse of the epidemic. In fact, the robotics industry is also the reverse behind the epidemic. While various industries have been greatly impacted, robots can show in this process. A stable, continuous, and controllable production process, may be able to play a greater value. From the beginning of the outbreak, that is, during the spring year,  I began to prepare a response strategy for the epidemic, including products, projects, marketing, sales, research and development, and thinking about how we can make some contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic.


Starting from the logic of epidemic prevention and control, we did a lot of brainstorming and then argued one by one. From a functional point of view, a mobile robot is a mobile carrier, what can be done depends on the upper executive layer., here includes sensors and the action execution end. From which execution layers are placed on mobile robots can improve efficiency and exert greater value., this logic is much smoother.


Distribution is a hot spot for robots in this epidemic., it can help patients or doctors to spread the virus as little as possible. In this epidemic, Noah robots, Purdue robots, Qinglang robots, etc. have all played a great value in this epidemic. In addition to Noah Robot's previous focus on hospital distribution, this time it is beneficial to help the logistics of the hospital. The other two are all catering-related distribution. This rapid response to the epidemic is very admirable.


From the perspective of function, distribution is actually our strong point, but this time we did not try to start from the perspective of distribution. Youai Zhihe Robot is better at industrial logistics in distribution, adopts industrial standards, and focuses on products. Speed, accuracy, load, and stability. In the distribution of the outbreak, from the cost-effective input, we believe that service robots can give full play to their advantages. We are thinking from another point of view. The logic we have been thinking about is how to ensure the stability and controllability of the production and maintenance process of robots. We start from this point in 3C, semiconductors, auto parts, and other factory scenes, in power plants, calcium carbide smelting, and other energy maintenance scenes. Therefore, we think that our customers and our partners will resume work one after another from February 3, but this time the epidemic should be temporarily unable to be effectively controlled, such as how to ensure the safety of the back office and other environments. The judgment we have come up with is that disinfection and rapid temperature testing are just needed.

so we launched this ARIS-K2 anti-virus robot. Generally speaking, it is indeed "born of love"

1. Epidemic Prevention and Control: Elimination, Monitoring, and Isolation

For the upper layer, we chose the disinfection scheme of an ultraviolet lamp. The function of the ultraviolet lamp has not been awakened by too many people at ordinary times. In fact, as long as it can be irradiated, it has a killing effect close to 100%. The only disadvantage is that it cannot run all over the floor and is troublesome to deploy. We happen to be the ones who can solve this problem, we can ensure the precise movement and operation of the robot. We have adopted the standard industrial-grade mobile robot Corgi developed by our company, a chassis with very good passability, a width of only 500mm, and a double-loop safety standard to realize autonomous positioning and navigation. Basic people can pass normally, and our chassis can be used. Robots came into being. This time we are equipped with 6 30w lamps, all of which meet the GB 19258-2012 standard of "Technical Specification for Disinfection of Medical Institutions. Our disinfection effect is to disinfect the area around the robot radius of 6-8 meters in 10 minutes. The lamps are also certified by CMA, which is safe and reliable. The following figure shows the hardware composition of the anti-virus robot.

But the problem also arises, because ultraviolet disinfection needs to be carried out in an unmanned environment, basically at night. Can we play the role of robots during the day? We placed them above them. A temperature monitoring module. During the day, body temperature can be monitored in the park and office to provide effective early warning.

On mobile, we provide a complete set of industrial-grade mobile positioning and navigation systems. Youi Pilot trinity high-precision positioning can achieve ± 5mm alignment accuracy, which can be described as accurate killing.

2. Post-Epidemic Security: Improving Automation and Intelligence

This system has also been verified by more than 30 head customers. You can also test our landing cases in industrial and inspection systems. From auto parts, 3C, and semiconductors to logistics systems and energy systems. The epidemic has actually done a lot of damage to the manufacturing and production processes now, the entire industry is slowly seeing robots and automation, which not only brings cost reduction and efficiency increase but also ensures the stability and controllability of the production process and minimizes systemic risks. 

Therefore, after the epidemic, how to help manufacturing and infrastructure enterprises quickly get on the right track is another very important topic. In another article, I saw what the pain point of the whole industry was, a large number of intensive human participation, resulting in an uncontrollable and discontinuous process, the systemic risk brought about by this epidemic has caused the entire production to stop.

I am putting out another set of data, I also made a summary last year. From the "2018 Takeaway Rider Group Research Report", we can see that China's population is gradually moving from the secondary industry to the tertiary industry; what is the situation in the secondary industry? The general conclusion is that my country's manufacturing industry is generally in automation. Early and mid-stage.the contradiction between the two, we have to gradually start to build intelligent factories.

I would like to quote my mentor, Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor, and the leader of the innovation team of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Mei Xuesong, on the construction phase of the smart factory.

The construction of a smart factory is divided into three steps:

Industrial robots, handling trolleys and transmission lines are used to physically connect discrete systems to open up material flow. Robot technology;

Uses the industrial Internet to connect the data of automation equipment to open up the data flow; Solve the joint software and hardware problems in the data flow;

Uses intelligent analysis to replace human decision-making to realize intelligent decision-making, and solves the software and hardware problems of data processing applications.

What I can understand is that the first step in the construction of a smart factory may not even be finished 15%. The opportunity given to mobile robots here is how we can connect the physical connections of smart factories through mobile robots to prepare for information flow and decision flow. What mobile robots can do is not only carry but also connect the final environment, so that the production plan can be opened up in the whole process.

Mobile robots are a key link that may open up material and information links. Youibot is trying to open up the material flow of the factory through its own laser trackless navigation technology to ensure the automatic production of the enterprise.

Youibot Mobile Robot Product Form

Youibot Industry Landing in Intelligent Manufacturing

Security in the future, Routine Inspection, and Maintenance

What can be done as a mobile robot company?

first of all, we have done a lot of inspections of products in the customs and power fields. After this outbreak, we also discussed with Shenzhen Customs how robots can assist the staff, reducing the contact between the staff and the customs clearance driver can also quickly ensure the efficiency of customs clearance. The waiting room of the robot can carry out communication and intercom, and the infrared body temperature sensor on the robot can also be used to detect the human body temperature.

Hazardous Chemicals Inspection Robot in Shenzhen Customs

Backend monitoring screen

Youibot is not only that but this year will still have greater value in the scenes we paid attention to in the past. For example, last year we did applications in Xinjiang calcium carbide plants, power plants, etc. To help customers achieve unmanned monitoring, which makes it difficult to resume work and can still use robots to achieve effective monitoring.

Mobile operation robot in calcium carbide factory

Youibot just put a collection of cases that we have done about inspections and real mobile robots:


In conclusion, it is also mainly aimed at the prevention and control of the epidemic and the improvement of intelligence and automation after the epidemic, and the role that robots can play. I also look forward to communicating with you.


Hopefully, we can fight the epidemic together in a healthy and healthy way. It may be a long and difficult time. However, the epidemic will eventually pass and no spring will come. The important thing is that everyone can welcome the arrival of spring together!


Finally, I would like to thank the Youiboters who worked with me to drive the progress of the robot industry. The mobile operation empowers the scene to change. We will eventually change the way all operations together!


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