Electric buses remove dust every 10 days. Maintenance personnel no longer need to with Youibot robots.

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Shenzhen Youibot Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. has launched an electric vehicle dust removal robot, which has been promoted and tried out in Shenzhen.




According to the "2018 Research Report on the Promotion of New Energy Bus Cities in China", the market share of new buses in new energy cities has increased year by year. In 2017, the overall replacement rate has reached 35.9%, and there is one new energy model in every three buses. China's new energy buses are expected to take the lead in achieving comprehensive new energy.

The promotion of new energy buses has reduced operating costs, it has also brought new challenges to the maintenance of the bus fleet. The pure electric bus generates airflow during the driving process, which is very easy to cause dust accumulation in the electric frequency bin. If the three electric bins are not cleaned in time, the motor will be aged and the circuit will catch fire. Maintenance personnel must dust the electric bus every 10 days.



"No cleaning with water" has added great difficulty to the maintenance personnel. At present, they can only use high-pressure air guns for dust removal. Although it seems difficult to operate, the whole workshop is dusty during each maintenance process, and long-term dust operation extremely affects the health of the staff.

Youibot for commercial vehicle maintenance scene to create a commercial electric vehicle dust removal robot ARIS-DR, the first to introduce automation, and modern tools into the field of electric vehicle maintenance.


This product has a built-in mechanical arm and a dust collector. The mechanical arm guides the movement of a high-pressure air gun, accurately locates the dead corner of dust for blowing, and the free telescopic end of the front section of the multi-joint mechanical arm can adapt to a narrow space and penetrate into the motor compartment. At the same time, the professional industrial dust collector carries out dust collection and concentrates the dust in the dust collector. The ARIS-DR is equipped with a metal shell that can be adapted to a variety of models to seal the dust removal space to prevent dust from rising and polluting the environment. This equipment can greatly improve the working environment of maintenance personnel and improve work efficiency, and the maintenance workshop will no longer be covered with dust.

The dust removal robot is the second professional product rooted in the field of electric vehicle maintenance. The inspiration for this product comes from the customer's demand in the process of developing a commercial vehicle maintenance robot. Youibot focuses on the actual market demand and introduces mobile robots into the traditional industry enabling scene change.


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