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Recently, Youibot Robot's latest international partner training session was held at its Shenzhen headquarters, with participants from South Korea and Brazil. After completing a three-day application training, the partners were awarded the title of Youibot Preferred Partners.


The partner empowerment training primarily covers basic mobile robot applications and extended knowledge. Becoming a Youibot Preferred Partner signifies a comprehensive understanding of Youibot's products and services, enabling partners to provide their local customers with more professional, high-quality, timely, and efficient support and solutions.


Trusted Partners

This training event is part of Youibot's new international partner empowerment program, the Youibot Onboarding Program. Previously, Youibot has conducted training sessions in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, empowering local partners through product application and extended knowledge training to successfully obtain Youibot Preferred Partner certification.



"The training materials were clear, and the explanations were easy to understand. After hands-on training, we were able to perform basic operations with the machines and felt the AMRs were easy to use. We now have more confidence in promoting Youibot AMR."


"Demonstration and technical support for the P200 during this training session allowed us to fully appreciate the P200's stability and ease of use. As the AMR manufacturer with the highest market share in China's collaborative robot market, Youibot has extensive know-how in integrating robotic arms. Their training and in-depth technical exchanges have enabled us to learn from their experience and confidently expand our customer base and follow cases."


"Youibot's technical personnel visited Japan, effectively and quickly resolved the long-standing technical issues troubling YATOMI ENG, and visited end customers with the local distributor SIer. By actively utilizing their technical know-how, they have helped SIer advance end customer cases. Youibot's products are feature-rich and easy to use; if they can increase local support, we will be even more proactive in expanding end customer cases."

Since launching its "Being Integrated" strategy for global markets in 2022, Youibot has established a sales and service network in over 60 countries and regions. Multiple partners have been empowered through Youibot robot training to jointly explore the market, providing customers with professional and convenient mobile robot solution services.


To better serve customers, Youibot is working closely with local partners, providing 7x24-hour sales, technical support, and after-sales service capabilities. Youibot will continue to serve its global partners with outstanding products, leading the development of global mobile robots, and enhancing international logistics automation.


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