Focusing on SEMICON Taiwan 2022, Youibot Leads the Intelligent Manufacturing of Semiconductors

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On September 14th, the annual event of the semiconductor industry - SEMICON Taiwan 2022 was grandly held!

This year's SEMICON Taiwan exhibition scale hit a record high in 27 years, and 700 companies from around the world participated in the grand event. The exhibition focuses on seven themes of advanced process, heterogeneous integration, compound semiconductors, automotive chips, intelligent manufacturing, sustainable development and semiconductor safety, providing a complete exchange platform for semiconductor industry trends and advanced technologies.

The leading industrial mobile robotics company, Youibot, made a strong appearance to showcase its leading semiconductor smart logistics solutions, attracting many industry insiders to stop by and look at the show.



In the context of the global semiconductor production capacity is tight and the chip domestic rate is rising, expanding production capacity, reducing costs and increasing efficiency have become a common demand of the industry. Semiconductor manufacturing requires strict production conditions, with more than 1000 complex production processes, complicated materials frequently need to get on and off the machine and transported to and from.


Flexible movement and high positioning accuracy

Based on the strong technical support of AMR positioning and navigation algorithm in terms of high precision and high stability, Youibot is one of the few mobile robot manufacturers in the international field with a positioning accuracy of ±2mm.

The cleanliness level meets Class-1

Youibot creates high-performance products for the semiconductor clean room environment, and the cleanliness level fully meets the Class-1 requirements.

Good service and reputation

Youibot adheres to in-depth understanding of customer pain points and demands, and responds quickly according to customer needs. Youibot 's service commitment is 7*24 hours response time, 4 hours personnel response time and 8 hours material response time.


Since its development, Youibot has become the head of in-field logistics solutions for the semiconductor industry, covering the entire semiconductor industry chain, and is a partner of many internationally renowned semiconductor companies.

We are looking forward to exploring the intelligent application of mobile robot logistics together with industry partners and experts, so that mobile robots can help the semiconductor industry develop better!


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