Highly recognized and trusted, Youibot got 4 reorders from a world leading semiconductor company

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4 reorders in 2 years, trusted by  leading semiconductor company

Based on the rising domestic semiconductor industry and proliferation of logistics automation, Youibot has become the backbone of domestic chip production intelligentization. Providing Intelligent Logistics Solution, Youibot helps to realize the whole process of logistics automation from  wafer fabrication in upstream  to wafer packaging and acceptance test in downstream.

The S company in Shaoxing is a semiconductor foundry of a world leading company. It has dedicated itself to improving capacity utilization rate in recent years, and has reordered Youibot's tailor-made smart logistics solution for semiconductor industry four times in two years. Applying nearly 100 mobile robots to realize  the automation of the entire logistics process from wafer fabrication to packaging and testing, it has  saved  labor cost and improved production efficiency in the factory.



Polished the products according to the customer's needs and won the trust by the outstanding performance.

10+ mobile robot were deployed to transfer the wafer boxes



The customer reordered 15+ robots to transfer the wafer boxes in the plant 



20 more mobile robots  to realize the logistic intelligentization upgrade in the wafer packaging and testing workshops


2022. 06

Reordered 10+ mobile robots to transfer the wafer boxes



Reordered 30 robots  to transfer the wafer boxes


Professional service Powerful performance

Under the trend of improving the quality and efficiency of semiconductor production, the S company wanted to achieve transformation and digital upgrades through logistics automation construction, and to solve the problems of employee turnover, wafer damage caused by human errors and pollution loss. According to the statistics, the wafer damage rate of the plant is 2‰, causing direct economic loss.

Youibot Semiconductor Expert Team provided on-site customer service, helping customers to sort out the pain points, and continuously polishing the product performance of mobile robots to lower the robot vibration value as low as 0.025G while handling, far better than the international SEMI standard of 0.5G. At the same a time, the robot can meet the Class-1 cleanroom requirement, avoiding the risk of raw material loss due to contamination.

Besides the mobile robots, Youibot applies YOUI Pilot navigation system, YOUI Fleet robot scheduling system, and YOUI TMS in-field logistics management system to realize the automatic transfer of wafer boxes between machines, electronic sheves, and storage bins, and at the same time connect the material flow and information flow of the whole production cycle to ensure the traceability of material data in the whole process.

Accurate: optimize material transport

Precise monitoring in real time to ensure a stable beat of material transport


Stable: best anti-vibration robots

Vibration value less than 0.1G to avoid wafer damage caused by vibration


Clean: Class-1 cleanroom

Can meet the Class-1 cleanroom requirements to avoid raw material contamination


In a series of performance and transfer tests, the semiconductor logistics solution created by Youibot ranked the first in the test results, and stood out from the service providers, winning the recognition of the S company. More than 10 mobile robots were deployed in the wafer workshop to complete the automatic transfer of wafer boxes.

In the following two years, Youibot's professional scenario identification and high-quality service have been continuously favored by customers.  Nearly 100 mobile robots have been reordered four times to create a full-process of intelligent logistics from wafer fabrication to packaging and testing, effectively alleviating the problem of manpower shortage and avoiding wafer damages.


Mitigate the labor shortage

One mobile robot can save the manpower cost of 4 employees, ROI<2.5 years


Improve the yield

Avoid 2‰ of wafer damage and raw material loss caused by contamination


Optimize the  beat of material transport

Ensure stable and continuous production, improve the production cycle

Youibot has made the implementation of customer scenarios and services its first goal since its establishment, and has continued to work hard in the semiconductor field. It has won the trust of leading global semiconductor companies and the recognition of its professionalism by continuous reorders.

With the surge of the domestic chip industry, Youibot will continue to serve the semiconductor sector with professional and reliable solutions to empower the smart manufacturing of Chinese chips!


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