How Cool Are the Industrial Mobile Robots in The Wandering Earth 2

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"No matter where the final result leads human history, we decide to choose hope." In 2019, "The Wandering Earth" was on the screen, depicting human beings' romantic imagination about the universe and the future, and starting a new journey of Chinese science fiction film creation. Three years later, "The Wandering Earth 2" presents China's unique sci-fi romantic narrative with a more "hardcore" attitude. In two days of its release, the film's box office exceeded 800 million, pushing the country's technological and cultural level to another peak.

The industrial revolution pushed the wheel of history slowly forward, through the rapid change of science and technology and the endless cycle of life cycle, to promote the progress of human society in the coexistence of science fiction and technology.

Looking back at the cutting-edge technologies such as space stations and exoskeletons used in "The Wandering Earth", many have been maturely applied in real life, while the future world envisioned by "The Wandering Earth 2" is more rooted in the current industrial scene and technological development, becoming the mirror image of real industrial production and social life.

In the countless imaginings of the future world, robots will become an inseparable and important subset of the future society, which has become a common consensus among people.

In the movie "The Wandering Earth 2", the inspection robot with a robotic arm independently operates the monitoring indicators to ensure the safety of the space station personnel.

In the conference hall of the United Earth Government, robots are stationed at the side to assist humans in scientific decision-making.

In the data center of Beijing Aerospace Center, inspection robots support the smooth operation of massive data.

In the planetary engine hangar, mobile robots are moving materials in an orderly manner.

Different forms of robots exist in various scenes of the movie, ensuring the stable, continuous and efficient operation of the huge system, and becoming a ubiquitous and indispensable element in the future world.

And when the future comes into reality, we are pleasantly surprised to find that the industrial mobile robot used in the movie has been widely used in the current industrial production and life.

As the head industry representative of industrial mobile robots, Youibot provided technical support for mobile robots for the filming of "The Wandering Earth 2". The mobile robots used in "The Wandering Earth 2" are all the actual products of Youibot.

The inspection robot in the movie also undertakes important tasks in real life. In extremely complex environments such as offshore oil platforms, Gobi deserts, offshore wind power platforms, and open-pit coal mines, Youibot intelligent inspection operation and maintenance robots independently perform unmanned operations, freeing humans from arduous and heavy tasks, 7*24 hours to ensure safe, stable and efficient production operations.

With the continuous and rapid development of mobile internet business in recent year, large and super large data centers have continued to be built and put into production, and Youibot inspection robots are autonomously inspecting in the data room, ensure the smooth flow of massive data and provide a solid foundation for intelligent construction.

At present, mobile robots are becoming an advanced and mature productivity, bursting out huge value in in-depth scenarios of various industries.

Just like in the future world constructed by "The Wandering Earth 2", mobile robots independently perform tasks such as handling, operation, and inspection, freeing humans from heavy and boring work, allowing humans to better protect and defend their homes.

The construction of the future world based on algorithms, data, and new energy in the movie is in the same line as the business layout of Youibot. Both of them reflect the most forward-looking and strategic important areas of current industrial production, such as data centers and new energy, which are the necessary elements for building the future world, and the underlying logic of social and industrial development.

Science fiction movies are rooted in the real industrial foundation and technological development, and at the same time provide a reasonable and romantic imagination for the progress of science and technology.

With the same romantic sentiment, Youibot, adhering to the mission of "exploring the world of harmonious coexistence of you, me and robots", is helping human society to produce in the wave of intelligence and looking up to the vast universe of stars.


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