How Mobile Robots Improve Industrial Safety?

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Many safety concerns that arise when traditional robots like manually operated forklifts are used can be addressed by adopting mobile robots. Here are 4 reasons why autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can improve operational safety. 

Preventing the spread of infectious diseases

Even though safety has been a major concern for the manufacturing industry for many years, it has definitely been heightened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Various protective measures have been put in place to lower the risk of spreading the virus within workplaces. However, these do not always turn out to be effective. 

It is therefore also no surprise that the pandemic has increased the adoption of mobile robots while bringing more awareness to the ways in which mobile robots can not only improve operational efficiency but also make it easier for companies to adapt to social distancing measures.

Reducing contact with dangerous machinery

Modern mobile robots are more nimble, versatile, and rugged than ever before―increasingly capable of traversing the stairs, grates or tight quarters on a work site. These robots are taking on undesirable and risky tasks like industrial inspection, making these processes both safer and more cost-effective.

Reducing repetitive strain injuries

According to Youibot Robots, 33 percent of worker injuries in manual material handling can be attributed to lifting or lowering objects. Using AMRs reduces the risk of collisions, optimizes efficiency and can reduce the risk of injuries due to repetitive lifting and lowering tasks.

Improving visibility

A frequent cause of workplace injuries is limited or obstructed visibility. Built-in sensors, LiDAR scanners, mapping, and universal fleet management ensure that AMRs can detect and respond to people and objects in their path, which reduces the risk of injuries and accidents due to transportation substantially.

AMRs can remove humans from dynamic and high-risk environments due to their ability to autonomously navigate and establish the best route to get to a given destination.

Enhancing safety at your workplace with AMRs

If you want to maximize safety in your work environment, you need to start integrating mobile robots. Youibot Robotics has the solutions your business needs to reduce risks and keep everyone on staff healthy. Kindly contact us directly today.


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