If you are well, it will be valentine's day!
December 23,2021

Youibot Intelligent Anti-virus Robot, born of love, provides the most reliable guarantee for the love in my heart. If you are well, it is Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day!


Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day has always been a memorial to love. But we, who are in roses and romance, may not know the period two thousand years ago when we used the name "Valentine" to pay tribute to love.


Valentine-Valentine, there are different opinions about his legend on the Internet. But what these legends collectively depict is his devotion to faith and his loyalty to love. February 14, 270, can be traced back to the first Valentine's Day in history. But that day was not as warm as today, but a parting of life and death that sticks to love.


We may not know why Valentine risked his life to stick to his faith and love, or how he fell in love with the warden's daughter. But what has been recalled for 2,000 years is that loyalty that will last until death.


We celebrate Valentine's Day, perhaps, in part because Valentine shows us another possibility of love and romance: still embracing each other tightly in the gap.


Novel Coronavirus

Accompany him than to give him the best guard.


Looking back at the world before us, a battle between Kyushu and the virus is in full swing. It is also at this time that we quietly ushered in this Valentine's Day in exchange for Valentine's life.


Today, I don't know if those front-line medical staff struggling in the anti-Japanese war epidemic have time to make a phone call to their loved ones to report peace;

I also don't know if they have a stove to keep warm on the construction sites of Raytheon Mountain and Huoshenshan Hospital, which are racing against time;

I do not know how many lovers who are in different places cancel their air tickets on this day, give up the agreement that they have adhered to for many years, isolate each other, and make an appointment;

We can't understand how bitter it would be to say a silent "I love you" when staring into the eyes of the lover on the hospital bed through the thick glass window.


Perhaps we should understand that the real meaning of valentine's day-Valentine day is not to accompany each other in the morning and evening but to care that will not be changed by fate or the epidemic.


On this day, perhaps, accompanying, it is better to give him the best protection.


Youibot was born of love.

YouiBOT Intelligent antivirus robot


The story is over, let's start the topic.

In response to the epidemic, Youibot has launched an intelligent anti-virus robot, born of love, to give you the most reliable protection for all your loved ones.

This is a set of ultraviolet antivirus, safe obstacle avoidance, automatic charging, wireless transmission, voice warning, autonomous navigation in one of the multi-functions can be 360-degree radiation sterilization of fully automated intelligent anti-virus robot, in the fight against the epidemic, Youibot can play an important role.

Ultraviolet disinfection robot uses short-wave UVC ultraviolet rays to disinfect and sterilize, destroying DNA and RNA of germs within a few minutes to make them die, which can effectively achieve the killing effect. After testing, in a high-level disinfection mode, the spores on the environmental surface (smooth surface, rough porous surface) and various multi-drug resistant bacteria can completely achieve the 99.9999% killing effect required by high-level disinfection.

This product uses a mobile robot as a carrier and carries out autonomous mobile multi-point disinfection for environmental surfaces and air. It can complete the comprehensive disinfection work of 1,000 square meters in about 150 minutes, which is more than ten times higher than the previous manual and fixed disinfection efficiency and effect.

Intelligent disinfection in various public places can greatly reduce the risk of transmission of infection and ensure people's health and safety.

Technology Promotes Innovation

YouiBOT Intelligent Unmanned Mobile Operation Concept and Products

Youibot is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D and production of autonomous mobile operation robots, relying on the transformation of scientific research achievements of the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems of Xi'an Jiaotong University and the key Laboratory of Robotics of Shaanxi Province.

Youibot is very young and has only been established for more than 2 years, it has continuously improved its technology and mastered the core technology of mobile robots with independent intellectual property rights. It has built a set of mature mobile robot solutions that can cover two major scenarios of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent operation and maintenance. The Youibot mobile robot solution has achieved product standardization and characterization at the hardware level, forming a product matrix covering versatility, passability, and obstacle-crossing.

Professional hardware and software solutions have promoted the rapid landing of Youai Zhihe's products in many industries. In two years, it has served more than 20 well-known customers at home and abroad.

Technology promotes innovation. In response to this epidemic, Youai Zhihe responded quickly, conducted an in-depth study of the virus nature and sterilization principle of this epidemic, combined with its own research and development and product advantages, and based on the UVC ultraviolet sterilization principle, created a The anti-virus robot that can effectively reduce the risk of virus infection hopes to contribute its own strength to this sterilization war.

Youibot intelligent antivirus robot, born of love, provides the most reliable guarantee for the love in the heart. If you are well, it is Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day!


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