Innovation Driven Demonstrates Enterprise Strength, Youibot Won 2 Awards for 2020 High-tech Robot

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From December 21 to 23, the annual meeting of high-tech robots & high-tech mobile robots and the golden globe award ceremony was held in Shenzhen, bringing together more than 1000 people and nearly 100 enterprises, covering core components, ontology, system integration, intelligent accessories, and other fields, attracting extensive attention both inside and outside the industry.

As the leader of composite mobile robots in China, Youibot has won the prize for its deep accumulation in the field of intelligent manufacturing. 2020 Worker Golden Globe Award-Smart Logistics Application Case Award, and Investment Value Enterprise (Unlisted) Award two major awards.



Promote the transformation of system development and empowerment scenarios.


Gaogong Robot has witnessed the sweat and achievements of the development of the robot industry in the past six years, and the winner of the Gaogong Golden Globe Award is a recognized brand benchmark in the industrial chain, and it is also the object favored by capital.


Youibot has always taken the scene landing and service of customers as the first goal, putting the R & D capability of robots and the R & D capability of systems in an equally important position, and has been promoting the R & D and application capability of the system in various scenarios.


In Youibot's view, only through the effective organization and management of the system can the robot give full play to its maximum effectiveness. Based on three standardized mobile robots, Youibot has developed a management and control system compatible with multiple scenarios, which realizes the functions of robot control, scheduling, and configuration, and can quickly integrate into the user's business system and field equipment.


How to use mobile robots to help enterprises truly realize cost reduction, efficiency enhancement and flexible management is a problem that has been considered in the process of intelligent upgrading. For different scenarios, Youibot has built a fast-adapting client application system, which perfectly fits the user's business process and improves work efficiency on the basis of simple operation and flexible interaction.


YOUI-TMS system for intelligent manufacturing scenarios has three core capabilities: process management, scheduling merger, and line-edge warehouse management, which effectively solves industry pain points such as complex process flow, low equipment information level, and low collaboration efficiency.

Youibot can solve the closed-loop of intelligent manufacturing data chain in one-stop, create the whole life cycle data flow of the production process, and help enterprises realize efficient and flexible production.


Bursts to lead industry upgrade


In recent years, the domestic mobile robot industry has experienced explosive growth. However, with the gradual clarity of the industry outline, the Matthew effect in the track has gradually emerged, and funds have begun to flow to excellent head enterprises that run faster.


Youibot was born in response to the wave of intelligent manufacturing and has achieved vigorous development in the ever-changing information technology changes. In June 2020, Youibot received nearly RMB 100 million in round A financing led by SIG Haina Asia Fund, which had previously continued to be favored by first-line funds such as Real Fund, HAX, Inno and Common Investments.


Investors believe that Youibot has a complete closed-loop from mobile robot products to integrated intelligent logistics and operation and maintenance solutions, as well as strong technology iteration and R & D innovation capabilities, which has great long-term value for leveraging the industrial market and building industrial digitalization and intelligence.


At present, Youibot has served more than 50 well-known domestic and foreign companies such as COMAC, China Airlines, Michelin, Fast, ASM, Huawei, and China Huaneng. It is in more than 10 industries such as power plants, electronic semiconductors, and smart files. Maintain the advantage of being the first in the market.


In the future, Youibot will continue to use smart solutions to enable scenario changes, leading the mobile robot industry to scale up and upgrade the industry.





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