International Logistics Highest Honor! Youibot receives IFOY Certificate

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On March 29th, Youibot Robotics was awarded the "Best in Intralogistics" certificate for the year 2023 by the International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Awards Committee, the highest honor in the field of international logistics.

This award is a testament to the international recognition and acknowledgement of Youibot's innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology by industry experts.

After undergoing two days of rigorous testing by IFOY, Youibot AT-100 intelligent picking robot demonstrated exceptional performance in various criteria, including product performance and innovation, earning it the "Best in Intralogistics" certificate.

Aotimatic Trolley Series- AT 100

The AT-100 intelligent picking robot is designed for scenarios such as cargo handling and picking, and operates autonomously to reduce personnel walking and optimize workflow, thereby improving accuracy and efficiency. It is widely used in third-party logistics, including warehousing, manufacturing, electronics, 3PL, as well as in industries such as fashion, e-commerce, food, and medicine.

The AT-100 provides customers with a flexible picking solution that does not require infrastructure or downtime changes, increasing retail picking speed threefold and achieving a picking accuracy of 99.9%. Both hardware and software can be customized to meet customer needs and can be put into use within 2-4 weeks. This product complies with CE and ANSI/RIA standards, ensuring absolute safety for customers. For more products info, click here.


IFOY Awards

The IFOY Awards is a renowned international award in the logistics and intralogistics industry, formally known as the "International Forklift Truck of the Year Award." Established in 2013, it aims to recognize the best logistics and intralogistics products, solutions, and technologies worldwide, including forklifts, automated equipment, transport vehicles, lifts, robots, sensors, and more. Winners are selected by an independent jury composed of experts in the logistics and intralogistics industry, based on criteria such as technological innovation, efficiency improvement, sustainability, safety, and human-machine interaction. The IFOY Awards has become one of the highest honors in the international logistics and intralogistics industry, with a fair and authoritative selection process and broad impact and recognition.


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