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the 21st China International Industry Expo

To be held in Shanghai-National Convention and Exhibition Center

Youibot and Professional Mobile Robot

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About the Fair

China International Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as "China International Industry Fair") was founded in 1999.

It's the most influential international industry brand exhibition in China's equipment manufacturing industry.

It is an important window and platform for economic and trade exchanges and cooperation in China's industrial field facing the world.

It is the only large-scale industrial fair with an award function approved by the State Council.

This year's Industrial Expo has set up a professional exhibition with the theme of "robots". The Robotics Exhibition (RS) takes all kinds of cutting-edge products, technologies, and industry application solutions with robots as the core the main display content, providing a platform for value diversification, providing ties for the industrial chain, capital chain, and entrepreneurial chain, creating new business opportunities for people in the robot industry, and helping to promote a new pattern of industry development.


The exhibition area of this special exhibition will reach 56,000 square meters and will attract 320 exhibitors and 180,000 professional visitors.


booth: 6.2H B123

This year, Youibot, as a newcomer, will bring mobile robot products aimed at industrial manufacturing to the fair.


Production line docking robot

This exhibit uses a small indoor mobile robot Corgi to carry rollers. The high-precision laser SLAM navigation method can realize express delivery deployment without site modification. YouiFleet multi-machine scheduling system can realize dynamic task allocation and meet the requirements of flexible production line beat.

02 composite mobile robot

In the current environment of flexible manufacturing, Youibot upgraded the traditional mobile operation robot to a multifunctional composite operation robot All-in-One to meet the multi-layer mobile operation requirements of the manufacturing industry and realized the requirements of pallet transfer and material grabbing with one machine to maximize the efficiency.

The product Trans mobile operation robot is equipped with a cooperative robot arm and a small tray to realize a robot docking multiple positions. The YouiFleet scheduling system can integrate MES system to realize dynamic scheduling of multiple machines.

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Youibot looks forward to your visit!


Youibot Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech company with robot research and development and manufacturing as its core. Youibot has the core algorithm of mobile robots with completely independent intellectual property rights and has a large number of experience in the unmanned transformation of business scenarios. Based on mobile robots, Youibot is committed to providing intelligent manufacturing, commercial services, security inspection, and other products and solutions covering the whole industry and all-round. The company provides mobile robots and solutions for its partners, which have been widely used in printing and manufacturing, security inspection, power grid inspection, commercial services, scientific research and education, and other fields. Youibot robot actively practices the enterprise mission-"robot technology empowers scene change", adheres to technological innovation, and creates innovation, and strives to become a leading enterprise in the robot industry.



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