iREX Exhibition Wraps Up Successfully!

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The highly anticipated iREX exhibition in Japan concluded on December 2nd in Tokyo, marking a significant moment as Youibot, in collaboration with local partners, made a strong debut. Youibot AMRs took center stage at various partner booths.

Since officially venturing into the Japanese market in early 2022, Youibot has invested two years of collaborative efforts, and today, it unveils its prowess.


At the exhibition, Youibot's AMR robots garnered high praise from partners and ecosystem collaborators. Showcasing innovative solutions like composite robots, lifting robots, and the global debut of the platform-type multifunctional robot B300, Youibot attracted the attention of numerous professional clients.

The exhibition's friendly interactions also facilitated deeper collaboration with existing clients from earlier stages.


Looking forward, Youibot aims to become an industry leader. Continuous product optimization, technical innovation, and an emphasis on improving the quality of service support are in the pipeline. This approach is geared towards providing customers with an outstanding experience, ensuring they consistently receive the most advanced and reliable solutions.


Simultaneously, Youibot plans to leverage the strength of its ecosystem, collaborating with partners from all sides to contribute its expertise to Japan's industrial intelligence process. The belief is that through these collaborative efforts, they will create greater value for the entire industry, achieving the common goal of industrial intelligence. Choosing Youibot means choosing mutual development for the future, contributing to the prosperity of industrial intelligence.


To enhance service in the Japanese market, Youibot plans to establish a subsidiary in Japan in 2024. This move aims to provide more comprehensive and professional support for partners and customers, assisting them in achieving greater success.


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