Born of love, fight against the epidemic, and send warmth: Youibot and Sike jointly contribute
December 23,2021

Today, Youibot has sent warmth to the people of Wuhan. at a time when hospital resources are in short supply, the enterprise has provided an automation solution for a tertiary hospital in Wuhan free of charge, allowing mobile robots to integrate sike's powerful sensor genes, integrating safety, reliability, and efficiency.


The year 2020 will eventually leave a deep mark on everyone's heart. Recently, the news that patients in many regions of the country have been cleared is really like a spring breeze and inspiring. We know that these are inseparable from the medical staff, community workers, and volunteers who have been fighting on the front line for a long time......
However, the current epidemic prevention and control is still in a critical period, especially with the resumption of work and production in various places, we still need to be ready, can not relax.

the epidemic area ahead

Today, Youibot has sent warmth to the people of Wuhan. At a time when hospital resources are in short supply, the enterprise has provided free access to a 3A hospital in Wuhan. Automation Solution, let the mobile robot combines Sic's powerful sensor gene, integrates safety, reliability, and efficiency, subverts the traditional way to become the all-around assistant of hospital epidemic prevention and control, and contributes to the national epidemic prevention and control.


Prevention and control measures in hospitals reflect the two very important steps of temperature measurement and disinfection.


Keeping the Door: Establishing the First Line of Defense for Hospital Epidemic Prevention and Control

In order to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, all hospitals and all entrances have set up temperature testing points. Traditional body temperature measurement requires special medical personnel on duty.Close range has the risk of cross-infection and the operation is not efficient.
Youibot is more innovativemore efficient curved into the enterprise gene, and quickly solves customer pain points, with strong team strength, letting the robot go deep into the industrial scene to solve the industry problem ideal, after various technical challenges, finally successfully landed:
Antivirus robots adoptedFace Recognition and movement to detect body temperature and other functions, once abnormal body temperature is detected, the testee's information can be immediately sent to the system to make a warning and record, letting the hospital's first line of defense become indestructible.


To eliminate poison: do a good job in the details of environmental cleaning and disinfectionhospital, it is undoubtedly the key link to infection prevention and control. Daily disinfection work is relatively complicated. Ultraviolet disinfection lamps are usually installed in each room or the top of the walkway is irradiated downward. In sickbed,medical equipment can not be disinfected.
The latest antivirus robot to carry multiple roots on mobile platforms vertical UV lamp tube, fit SICK security lidar precise profile measurement and Safe Obstacle Avoidancefunction, autonomous navigation, mobile patrol, top face recognition camera can be in the environment with staff during the day safety monitoringandselective disinfection to complete all-round disinfection tasks more efficiently.



back-to-work guarantee

With the steady improvement of the epidemic, more and more regions and enterprises began to resume work and production. The anti-virus robot provides a guarantee for the rear resumption of work. The anti-virus robot is based on the mobile robot(I. e.AGV) for the carrier, for the environmental surface and air autonomous mobile multi-point disinfection, creating intelligent disinfection and sterilization system.


Main application scenarios such as shopping malls, public places, office places, production and processing places, etc. Large turnover of personnel, densely populated areas, wait.
In terms of function, the anti-virus robot can move and navigate autonomously, avoid obstacles autonomously, and identify objects and robots in the environment. Intelligent Operation, really realized man-machine separation to ensure the safety of personnel.


Robot Fusion SICK Powerful Sensor Gene

such a powerful anti-virus robot, of course, cannot do without SICK's powerful sensor fusion gene. SICK has all kinds of mobile robot platforms. and security and navigation products, adding a pair of bright eyes to Youibot's mobile robot.

SICKsecurity laser scanner integration of secure navigation.


security laser scanner adopts SICK's latest safe HDDM ® High Precision Measurement Technology, so in addition safety collision avoidance function, it also implements precise navigation really plays the all-around application of multi-function sensor fusion.


Technology begins with advanced technology, has long been innovative, and finally cares.

Youibot and Sike, together with you,

join hands to fight the epidemic and welcome the spring of hope!


This article is reprinted from SICK WeChat Public Number, Germany


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