LTT2022 Is Coming! Youibot Shows the Power of China's Industrial Intelligent Manufacturing

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On September 13th, the highly anticipated Logis-Tech Tokyo was grandly opened! As the most influential professional logistics exhibition in Asia, this year's LTT brings together 960 companies from Asia to showcase and exchange cutting-edge technologies, products and services.

In this year's exhibition, Youibot shines with a variety of mobile robot products to show the core power of intelligent logistics under the change of global industrial digital intelligence. There are chassis P200 specially designed for composite mobile robots, L300 rotary jacking and handling robots with the widest lifting range in the industry, and AT-100 intelligent picking robots. Multi-modal mobile robots build a closed loop of material flow and data flow in the whole process of product production!

P200 special chassis for composite mobile robot

P200 is specially designed for flexible mobile handling in industrial scenarios and can be expanded with more than ten different operation modules to easily handle mobile operation tasks in factory manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, and security inspections.

L300 rotary lifting handling robot

It is specially designed for flexible mobile handling in industrial scenarios. It can be expanded to more than ten different operation modules, and can easily handle large-scale material carrying mobile operation tasks in factory manufacturing, warehousing logistics, and security inspection.

AT-100 intelligent picking robot

AT-100 intelligent picking robot is specially designed for cargo handling, picking and other scenarios. It operates autonomously and efficiently, reduces personnel walking, optimizes operation process, improves accuracy and picking efficiency, and is used in warehousing, manufacturing, electronics, 3PL and other third-party logistics and fashion footwear, e-commerce, food and medicine and other industries.

About Youibot

As a leading provider of industrial mobile robots and solutions in China, Youibot deeply integrates its rich experience in large-scale implementation in China's semiconductor, 3C, lithium battery and other industries, as well as its local partners' efficient integration capabilities and long-term customer service experience. Based on the "4 Options" integrated solution system that is deeply open to overseas partners, we have deeply cultivated overseas and maintained market leadership.

Since the beginning of this year, Youibot has successively appeared in many exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region, and its excellent products and services have received high attention from overseas customers and integrators. In Japan, Youibot has reached friendly cooperation with well-known enterprises such as DENSO WAVE, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Sanji to jointly promote the construction of logistics intelligence.

At present, the wave of digital intelligence in global logistics is coming, and the construction of smart factories is imperative. Youibot will continue to serve partners at home and abroad with excellent products, lead the development of international mobile robots, and help the transformation of global smart logistics.


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