Youibot made a blockbuster appearance WAIC2021! Youibot Joins Hands with Shunfeng Supply Chain to Release Intelligent Warehouse Inventory Solution

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The warehouse inventory solution jointly launched by Shun Feng Supply Chain and mobile robot solution provider Youibot made its debut in China!




Youibot has revolutionized the traditional large-scale warehouse inventory management mode and is of milestone significance for the construction of digital and intelligent logistics.


Warehouse Inventory Solution Jointly Launched by Shunfeng Supply Chain and Youibot


Manual inventory in traditional large warehouses is time-consuming and laborious, and often cannot keep up with the speed of material circulation due to low efficiency, resulting in lagging inventory data, chaotic management, and a great waste of manpower and material resources. At present, there is no intelligent solution for high-level shelf inventory in the industry, which has also become a pain point for storage in many industries.


The intelligent inventory solution jointly developed by Shunfeng Supply Chain and Youibot, AMR, and the lifting device can complete the independent inventory of shelf materials up to 15 meters in a warehouse of nearly 30,000 square meters within 11.5 hours. During the storage operation, the inventory robot performs the inventory task continuously during the day and night, scans the goods information board at one time for the high shelf, and transmits the information such as the name and location of the goods back to YOUI IMS warehouse management system in real-time, automatically generates the inventory report of the warehouse, and assists the manager in scientifically planning the inventory.


At present, the solution has realized the intelligent upgrade of inventory in many large storage projects. In a large pilot warehouse in Sydney, the 29,000-square-meter storage area consists of 50 7-storey material racks. In the past, it took 80 hours to manually complete the inventory of a reservoir area, but only 11.5 hours after using this solution. The inventory efficiency is 695% of labor!


can be up 15 Inventory Robot for Meters Shelf Materials


"As a key step in the construction of smart warehouses, smart inventory solutions not only improve inventory efficiency but also promote the in-depth integration of logistics and supply chain management, making the sea of data unimpeded and maximizing the flow of goods." Zhang Chaohui, CEO of Youibot, said.


This intelligent inventory solution is a preliminary exploration of the Shunfeng supply chain and Youibot in the field of intelligent logistics. The two sides will carry out more in-depth cooperation in intelligent storage, transportation, transshipment, and other links.


Shunfeng Supply Chain and Youibot Attend Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony


SF Supply Chain Greater China said: "As a service leader in the supply chain industry, SF Supply Chain has been committed to innovative layout and digital intelligence management of the entire industry chain to bring customers better and more efficient service solutions. Our joint cooperation with Youibot will surely promote the upgrading of warehouse inventory services in terms of technology, standards and services, and successfully promote the further digital transformation of the industrial chain."


Regarding the cooperation with SF Supply Chain, Zhang Chaohui said that SF Supply Chain's rich experience in the construction of logistics digital intelligence will help Youibot to further deepen the scene and use the advantages of mobile robot technology to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry.



About Shunfeng Supply Chain
SF Supply Chain is a leader in supply chain services, covering mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. It combines DPDHL Group's leading supply chain experience with SF Holdings' rich infrastructure and customer base in the local market to provide high-quality integrated supply chain solutions for cross-industry enterprise customers.

About Youibot
Youibot, as a mobile robot and solution provider, applies high-precision laser SLAM navigation mobile robot and software system core technology, based on the three major businesses of industrial logistics, intelligent inspection operation and maintenance, and smart energy, to provide global enterprises with independent mobile Robot products and integrated solutions to create a stable, continuous and efficient smart production field.



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