Meets a New Future-Youibot Robot Won the 4th Capek Award for Technological Innovation!

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The 2018 China Robot Industry Development Forum and the 4th Capek Awards Ceremony, with the theme of "Meet Capek, Foreseeing a New Future", was grandly opened in Shanghai Longzhimeng Hotel. The event was co-sponsored by the Capek Prize Committee and China Robotics Network, Shanghai Shanggong Robot Technology Co., Ltd. The Robotics Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Soochow University, and the IROBOTNEWS as supporting units gave significant support to the setting and selection of the Capek Award.



Capek Prize is an award named after Karel Capek, a Czech science-fiction novelist and creator of the word robot. It was founded in 2014. Reward organizations and individuals who have made contributions in the field of robotics, aiming to be witnesses to the development of the robotics industry and to create a "Nobel" in the robotics industry ". The award is set up to set a benchmark for leading enterprises with strategic foresight in the robot industry, and to promote the overall pattern of industrial brands; to promote the innovative enterprises in the industry to promote the overall innovation ability of the industry; to reward individuals who are active in the development of the industry and affirm their contributions to the development of the industry. At present, the Capek Award is generally considered to be the most important award in the field of robotics in China.

Organizing Committee of the current Capek Award invited Mr. Cai Hegao, a highly respected academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in the industry, as the chairman of the jury, Zhao Jie, the leader of the "13th Five-Year" national key research and development plan "intelligent robot key special" demonstration expert group, the Ministry of Science and Technology 12th Five-Year Service Robot key special expert group leader Wang Tianmiao, and Sun Lining, dean of the School. In addition, well-known industrial robots, service robots, investment institutions, media, and other representatives in the industry are members of the jury.




During the event, more than 700 industry experts, industrial robot companies, service robot companies, system integrators, parts companies, scientific research institutions and investment platforms gathered to discuss the development trend of the industry and witness the birth of the Capek Award winners.



At 17:30, the Capek awards ceremony started on time. Robot industry development forum, the 4th Capek Award Ceremony, known as the "Nobel" in the robot industry, kicked off under the attention of the public. The 4th Capek Prize continues the theme of "Meet Capek · Foresight a New Future", based on the present and looking forward to the future.





The 4th Capek Award lasted 4 months from independent registration to expert review and selection. A total of 664 applications for registration by enterprises, organizations and individuals were received. After discussion and strict screening by the selection organizing committee, 208 enterprises were shortlisted, 12 industry organizations were shortlisted and 26 individuals were shortlisted. In the end, 29 awards were selected by the judges, a total of 91 winning companies and individuals.

At the award ceremony, Youibot Robot won the 2017 Technology Innovation Award. Mr. Zhang Chaohui, CEO of Youibot Robot, received the trophy and certificate from Fudan University professor Mr. Zhang Wenqiang.




This competition project of Youibot robot is a commercial vehicle inspection robot ARIS-V jointly launched with Michelin. The ARIS-V has the functions of outdoor automatic navigation, vehicle and tire positioning, and is equipped with a self-developed YOUI-SENSE sensing system, which can automatically check the tire puncture of commercial vehicles, measure the depth of the pattern, scan the high-definition image of the crown surface, and has the function of data cloud platform management, it can realize completely unmanned inspection at bus depots and monitoring the health status of tires throughout the life cycle.




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