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Top Leaders of China and the United States Reach Consensus on Epidemic Prevention and Control


NY times focuses on epidemic prevention and control in China from a unique perspective


NYT Businessfront page headlines presents YOUIBOTARIS-K2 behind-the-scenes stories


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Mr. Zhang (Zhang Chaohui), a robot startup company in Shenzhen called YOUIBOT, his engineers built an anti-virus robot in just two weeks. As it travels along the floor, six ultraviolet light bars disinfect the surrounding surface, and its infrared camera can scan patients and others for fever.


Mr. Zhang said that he had received strong official support throughout the process. Companies that produce "epidemic prevention" products are placed in the priority position of regulatory approval. In mid-March, a senior city official visited the offices of YOUIBOT and other start-ups to produce products related to the epidemic and spoke with city cleaners during a media campaign to highlight how the city could resume production and increase production.


YOUIBOT marketing director Guan Jian said that this effort has reduced the YOUIBOT's ability to shorten the robot delivery capacity from three months to one month.


Mr. Kwan said: "This happened in an instant."


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